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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today's The Day!

After months of waiting, today's the day. Stolen Destiny, my first novel, releases today.  It's been a long road, but I'm very happy to finally say it's for sale.  I love this story as much as any of my stories, possibly more because it's my first to go into the publishing world.  Vampire Dreams may have been released earlier, but Stolen Destiny officially began its journey first because it's been in the pipeline since February. 

Here's the blurb: 
Released from prison to find a murderer, a prison-hardened Varek Leale is convinced no woman deserves the man he’s become, but his Aeveren destiny makes him succumb to sweet and sexy Callia Reynolds. To catch a murderer, he and Callia must find an Aeveren with the power to control time. But Amon Kalins isn’t a man to trifle with, and when he wants something, he’ll use his powers, devastating charm, and good looks to get it.

When Amon manipulates time and seduces her away, Varek must turn to the people who set him free for help to get her back. But the Council doesn’t do anything without requiring something in return, and what they want is Amon Kalins, one of the most powerful Aeveren ever. Varek will do what he must to capture Amon and find Callia. If he doesn’t, she’ll be lost to him for untold lifetimes.

For an ADULT (and I mean adult!) excerpt from the book, head on over to Coffee and Romance where I'm guest blogging.  Be sure to enter the giveaway there for a chance to win a copy of Stolen Destiny

And to buy the book, click on over to Siren Publishing :D


theJeepDiva said...

Yay! Happy release day. I started reading Vampire Dreams last night.

Na said...

Congratulations on the release of Stolen Destiny. Wishing you much success on it =)

Gabrielle said...

Thanks guys! :) I hope you enjoy Vampire Dreams. That was a lot of fun to write, and I'm considering writing Vasilije's story.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Gabrielle! It's finally OUT! Whoohoo!

Gabrielle said...

Thanks Nat! It feels great. But as I said on another blog, this is the second release this month, with one coming in another 2 weeks. I have to space these out better! LOL

Bree said...

Congrats! Sounds great!!

Gabrielle said...

Thanks Bree!