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Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Blog Party III

Welcome back once again!  We've had such a great time hanging out talking about summertime and why we love it, and we're ready for one last gabfest before the Sangria and other drinks run out.  Stacy's been in charge of the lemonade since she knows how to make the good stuff, like you can find at the beach, made with real lemons and sugar.  Delcious!

If you're just joining us, we've got a bunch of authors together for a Summer Blog Party and we're talking about summer and what we love about it.  And please be sure to check out our other hosts today.  Patricia Bates, Joanne Troppello, Kay Springsteen, and

Ok, so what's everyone's favorite summertime memory?

Cher-Four wheeler riding with my younger sister. We would leave the house early and not come back till dinnertime. 

My best friend Jeannie and I took her brothers four wheeler out once and the throttle got stuck.  All I remember is her trying to steer that crazy machine and me screaming behind her, "Should I jump off?"  She still laughs at me for asking that.  :)

My mom used to say I was a fish. I loved swimming the length of the pool underwater at every available opportunity. Truth be told, I was scavenging for coins and pretended it was buried treasure. Then I’d proudly march to the snack bar and exchange my treasure for a roll of Sweet Tarts. Even on summer trips, I couldn’t wait to dive into the swimming pool. It was a highlight (that and buying a Barbie outfit or a new Nancy Drew mystery). Maybe all that swimming back in the day was sweet justice since I don’t think I’ve been in a bathing suit much since the birth of my second child. Not without a full sarong and under the cover of darkness, that is.

I think swimming was one of the best things about summer.  I'd stay so long in the pool that my fingers and toes would be pruney.  What a great way to spend a summer day! 

Elaine- When I was a child my grandmother stayed with my sister and me while our mother and father went to work each day.  She was great fun, but as the afternoon wore on, she sometimes felt the need for a little nap.  One day she went to sleep sitting in a recliner, and my sister and I painted her toenails red.  She twitched her toes a couple of times, but she never woke up.  Since she never painted her toenails, it was a big surprise when she finished her nap.

-Fishing as a kid with my dog 'Jamie'.

What great times we had as kids, didn't we?  11 weeks of no school and living the good life. 

Going to California with my husband in August, about 10 years ago. We went to some movie studios, Disneyland, and Knott's Berry Farm, and tried out for The Price is Right.

I've always wanted to go to California but I've never quite made it there yet.  Maybe someday.

I want to thank all the fabulous authors who celebrated summer with all of us today.  It's been great talking about summer and all the terrific feelings and memories this time of year brings up in all of us.  And thank you to everyone who stopped by each of our blogs today to enjoy some good conversation.  I hope you have a wonderful summer!


Anonymous said...

Lol, I can imagine you saying that, just the thought is funny. :)

Gabrielle said...

It was probably the wrong thing to ask, but my fight or flight response kicked in . LOL :)

Na said...

I have a summer memory that stands out. Awhile back, ok back when I was in elementary school we had a school camping trip. We camped on an island, went on a boat trip to an isolated mini island, occupied only by seals! How fun was that? Only the best part was the guide who told us a "true" story that the camp grounds were haunted!! As much as I love a good ghost story that was a bit too close for me.

Gabrielle said...

Where did you go to school to have such a cool trip with school? All we got were trips to the local amusement park. Yours sounds like so much fun...sans the ghost stuff, of course.

June M. said...

My favorite summer activity was going to stay with my grandparents for part of the summer. They lived on a farm (whereas I lived in town) and always had alot of different people around and we could go swimming everyday and picnics, etc at the river. Now that my grandfather is gone, I would do anything to have one more summer to spend with him.
GFC follower: June M.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Gabrielle said...

What a lovely memory, June. Thank you for coming by. :)

Na said...

That trip was THE TRIP OF THE YEAR for 7th graders before moving on to high school. Everyone was so excited. We spent all year fundraising and chipping in our own money to go. Fun memories, field trips, I miss those about school.