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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ROW 80 Check In 6-8

Another week gone by, and another ROW 80 check in to discuss.  It's been a busy week here, and I just barely made my 3500 words for the week in Masquerade.  This novella has been yet another one where the research is almost as much fun as the writing.  That shouldn't be surprising, though, since I have studied history for years, but this time I've gotten to spend some time checking out the finer details of Russian history, which has always intrigued me. 

In grad school, I took a course on Soviet Russia taught by a Jesuit who had lived there, in secret, of course, since the Soviets were nothing if not thorough in their efforts to eradicate religion from their state.  I had become interested in Russian literature as an undergrad after reading some of Chekhov's short stories, and I'd fallen in love with Dostoyevsky's work then too. Chekhov is so understated, yet so powerful in his work.  The struggle and torment his characters experience don't hit you over the head repeatedly, but with just a few very well chosen words, he conveys a depth of feeling I rarely find in stories today. 

As luck and the fates would have it, one of my closest friends speaks Russian fluently, and her sister lived in Russia for a long time teaching there.  So I have two fabulous translators who supply me with the correct words for my hero whenever I need them.  I don't include many in Masquerade, but when he becomes irritated with the heroine and when he's feeling passionate, he slips into Russian.  Thank you Ris and Michele for all your translation work! 

Promotion continues, as does editing on Love's Master.  I unveiled the cover for that novella yesterday.  I love that cover.  In truth, I love every cover I've had so far, and this one's no exception.  It's over in the right sidebar, so take a look. 

My critique partner and I had separate but almost simultaneous ideas for upcoming stories on Saturday.  It was quite interesting!  Mine came when I was volunteering at an arts festival for the museum board I'm on, and there was my inspiration, doing his thing at a blacksmith area near the booth I was working.  What incredibly fascinating work I saw!  Thanks to that blacksmith, who was just as good looking as he was talented, I have an idea for my next story.  From a tiny kernel of an idea grew the beginning of a novel or novella (I haven't decided which.).

Nat from Reading Romances has posted the first part of the interview she and I did the other night online at her blog, so take a look.  We had a great time, and I want to thank her for such a fantastic job with it!  She's also the organizer of the Small Blogs, Big Giveaways Hop I'm involved in, so take a look at that too for a chance at some really great prizes. 

Here's to another week of summer weather and good times.  To see how everyone else is doing with ROW 80, click HERE


lauralynnelliott said...

You barely made your 3500...but you did! :0) Yay for you!

I really love your covers. They are really awesome!

readingromances said...

Can't wait to post the next part of the interview!

Gabrielle said...

Thanks Lauralynn! With all the promotion, the writing time gets smaller and smaller. And I love Elaina Lee's work with the covers. She's terrific!

Nat, I'll be looking for the second part tomorrow. You did a great job! And we had such a great time doing it. LOL

Bree said...

Congrats on reaching your goal. I'd never heard of ROW 80 before.

Nadja Notariani said...

Ahhh, sweet inspiration. That McGowan of mine just keeps popping into my mind's eye this week. I'm heading over to read your interview now. You're really a busy woman! ~ Nadja

shah wharton said...

I am curious about ROW 80 too? MMM - will investigate. Well done yo you on writing your goal - and wow - loving the cover! Shah. X

Gabrielle said...

Thanks guys! Elaina did a great job again! :)

Kate said...

Hey, wow! Kudos for reaching your goal. Perhaps I should make a numbered goal. Maybe that would give me an extra kick of motivation. I'm a little afraid of what is going to happen when I get past this next big exciting part in my story. I'm afraid of the lull.

Do you ever hit the lull or is that the inherent joy of a novella?

Gabrielle said...

I think you're on to something about the novella, Kate. It's so short, there really isn't time for a lull. LOL