Gabrielle Bisset

The Victorian Erotic Romance Trilogy


Take a trip back to Victorian England with three erotic stories of sex and love. A lonely vampire falls in love, but will his sire stand in his way of finally finding happiness? A young widow seeks a tutor to discipline her nephew but learns her true nature at the hands of a dominant lover. A strong-willed woman refuses to be married off and instead plans an indiscretion, but will she succumb to the charms of the man she thought was only her pawn? The repressed world of Queen Victoria has never been so sexy!

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Vampire Dreams

Available only in The Victorian Erotic Romance Trilogy! 

Reviews for Vampire Dreams

WOW, what an amazing read! This is why I love vampire erotica stories. As much as you love a dangerous vampire, it's mainly about the sensuality and seduction of a vampire that makes you enjoy the read. I have never read anything by this author as she is new, but when an author can amaze you with their first release you know you can expect only more good reading material.
Lady Raven

For all readers that love spicy paranormal reads, especially before bedtime, Vampire Dreams is a must-read!
Night Owl Reviews

Vampire Dreams is a short novella that wastes no time in delivering a romance with vampires, seduction and enough eroticism to have you fantasizing for the rest of the day!

Lori, Romancing The Darkside

I quite enjoyed this quick cup of hot, steamy lovin'.
Alisha, My Need To Read

Beyond the sensuality is a well-written story.  The author constructs a vampire world where there is a hierarchy that involves rules of who a vampire can sire. In this world, potential vampires must be vetted through one's sire, and Brandon has the difficult luck of having a sire in Vasilije who's selfish and cruel.  The conflict that grows out of these rules is interesting and makes me want to read more about this world. 
Selena, The Enchanted Book

Homeless and without any family, Arden Stephens must live on the streets of mid 19th century London, never a safe place for a young woman.  One night, as she is running for her life from an attacker, she is rescued by Brandon Ridley and offered a place in his home as his maid.  Brandon is enchanted by Arden from the moment they meet, but just as she has secrets, so too does he.  A vampire hundreds of years old, he yearns for the companionship she can give him.  But for that he must make her one of his kind.

Nightly, he visits her in her sleep, preparing her for the night he will finally make her his own.  For Arden, the wanton dreams she has about her handsome employer seduce her and each day when she wakes up, she finds herself more drawn to him.  But love and desire aren't enough for Brandon to sire her.  He must first obtain the approval of his maker, an ancient vampire named Vasilije who has thwarted his chance for happiness before.

But if Brandon can convince him, he may finally find the love he's been without for centuries.

      The dark streets of the city lay sprawled out in front of her, filled with both possible danger and salvation. As she ran, her feet pounding on the stones beneath them, her breathing came in pants that stole the moisture from her mouth. Her eyes frantically scanned for someplace to hide as she pushed her legs to run faster.
     She could hear his feet as each one solidly hit the ground behind her. His stride much longer than hers, he was coming closer with each step.
      If he caught her...
     The pounding of her heart hammered in her ears as the blood pushed faster and faster through her body. Up ahead, she saw a door ajar in a rundown building. If it was empty, she might be able to hide and hopefully escape from the pain of what awaited her if he captured her.
    She slipped through the doorway, but her cape caught on the doorknob, costing her precious moments. As she worked to free herself, she heard his footsteps slow down to a walk, a sign he was as sure as she he’d won.
    Free to run once more, she turned and ran headlong into the chest of a man who stood silently watching her.
   “Please save me! He’s coming for me!”
    Without a word, the man took her by the arm and led her to a table near the far wall. With his hands on her shoulders, he hesitated a moment and then spun her around.
     His voice deep, he said, “Place your hands on the table and bend over.”
    Unsure if she’d chosen a fate as horrific as the one she’d fled from, she did as she’d been told and waited in terror for what was to come.
    The noise of her stalker entering the building caused her to turn her head, but the voice behind her sternly warned, “Face forward.”
     She felt hands lift her cloak and skirts, allowing the cool night air to hit the bare skin of her thighs. The feeling at once thrilled and shocked her, and she instinctively stood up to cover herself.
    The man behind her forcibly pushed her back toward the table and leaned over her to whisper low in her ear, “Trust me,” as he pushed his body firmly against her backside.
    “Hey you! Where’s the girl who came in here?”
    With his hands on her hips, the man who gave her no choice but to trust him pushed his hips toward hers and thrust toward her still clothed body to simulate sex, complete with throaty groans.
    “Hey! I asked you about the girl who came in here!”
    Never looking back, Arden squeezed her eyes closed and waited for the attack she feared. Instead, she heard the man whose body continued to meet hers bark, “Go away! This whore’s mine!”
    Indignant at the use of the word whore to refer to her, she started to push herself up but his hand held her by the neck and forced her to remain still on the table. A sound like a hiss came from her protector and the other man hurriedly ran out of the building.
    A hardness brushed past her thighs and she realized while she’d escaped death, she now faced being raped by this stranger who had asked her to trust him. Over and over, his erection teased her. Fear turned to arousal as she felt his stiff cock press toward her and her body begin to want him. His hand on her neck eased almost to a caress as he continued to hold her down.
     Noises behind them told her the original attacker had been chased off, and when the thrusts stopped, she pushed back against him, forcing him off her. Spinning around, she smoothed her dress and snapped, “You are no gentleman! Whore?”
    The man stood looking at her, a small grin creeping onto his lips. In a voice far silkier than she’d heard from him before, he said, “You didn’t need a gentleman.”
   Realizing he had no intention of apologizing for calling her a whore, she stubbornly tried to push past him, unsure where she would go, but he blocked her path solid as a stone.
    “Let me go! I demand you step aside.”
   “I wouldn’t be that gentleman you expect if I simply let you walk back out into a potentially dangerous situation, Miss...”
    After a few moments, she saw the sense in his words and relented. “Miss Stephens,” and then added, “Arden Stephens.”
   “Well, Miss Stephens, I feel responsible for seeing you safely home, so if you’ll just give me the address, we’ll be on our way.”
  Sighing deeply, she dropped her gaze to the ground. Now he’d realize just what kind of person she was. Homeless. He’d probably think she’d deserved being chased as a thief or pickpocket.
   “Miss Stephens?”
    Arden looked up into his deep brown eyes that seemed to search her face and felt the warmth of humiliation grow in her cheeks. She looked at the fine cut of his clothes and his expensive coat and wrestled with how to explain that although she had no home, she was no street trollop to be looked down upon. She was just one of the unfortunate few whose father had died before his daughter had been blessed by a husband and whose mother had died of typhus in the last great outbreak.
   “I don’t have a home,” she said quietly.
  “Well, dear lady, the gentleman in me feels compelled to remedy that situation. You’ll come to my home, and although I expect it’s beneath your station and gifts, I can offer you the position of my maid as my previous one has recently left my employ.”
   Arden looked up and studied the face of the person who’d been the kindest to her since her father had died nearly a month ago. His brown eyes seemed gentle, but his face possessed a darkness that seemed contrary to them. She guessed he could be a few years older than her twenty years but noted how strong he’d proven himself, so she corrected herself realizing she couldn’t place his age even as he stood no more than a foot away.
  “I couldn’t do that. I don’t even know your name,” she halfheartedly protested.
 “Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brandon Ridley, and you seem to have few options better than my offer.”
© 2011 Gabrielle Bisset

Love's Master

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Reviews for Love's Master:

The plot is very interesting, and of course that it had to have a twist, like all of Gabrelle’s books! I especially enjoyed the Afghanistan meals and The Agony Column, these elements were part of the story almost as the main characters – I’d say they were a wonderful secondary cast! I recommend this irresistible novella by Gabrielle Bisset!

I was truly impressed with Bisset’s light take on BDSM, since I find that many other authors focus only on the pain involved in BDSM, instead of the sensuality of the very erotic techniques.  The love scenes were so well written that I could feel the contact that the flog made with Lily's skin, and I could taste the exotic treats Kadar fed her.
-Talia, The Enchanted Book

Twenty-three year old Lily finds herself widowed and forced to live with her brother and his family, including his eight year old son William, who is nothing short of a terror.  Sure she cannot go another day with his behavior, she begins to search for a new nanny and tutor for her nephew with little success.  But when she happens across an advertisement in the Times that seems to be the answer to her problem, she is set on a path that will take her where she's never been before.  Victorian England is a place of strict social codes, and the sensual world she enters is strictly forbidden for a woman of her social stature.

Her guide in this world is a man named Kadar, and the feelings he stirs in Lily threaten to change her forever.  However, Victorian society is never far away, and her brother intends on seeing his sister remarried and settled into a home near him in Regent's Park.  Lily will have to choose between Kadar, who makes her feel more alive than she ever believed she could, and Captain Mason Danvers, the gentleman who can offer her security and comfort for the rest of her life. 

“Lily,” he whispered against her lips barely touching them.
In her desire, she craned her neck, desperate for the kiss he knew she waited for. Unable to deny her any longer, he greedily took her mouth, running his tongue over hers. Her lips urged him on to satisfy her need, and he began to lose himself in the warmth of her.  A quiet moan passed between her lips and he took it inside him, like a pledge she offered.
Before she could try to wrap her arms around his neck, he broke off the kiss and pulled out the ropes. He placed them in her hands, and confused, she dipped her head as if to look at what he’d just given her.
Tenderly stroking her check, he asked, “Have you ever been tied up?”
As the velvet ropes sat in her trembling hands, she silently shook her head. He had to carefully introduce restraints or he’d risk losing her right here.
“Follow me,” he ordered as he began to back up toward the couch. As he sat, she remained standing in front of him.
“Turn around, Lily.”
Lily rotated for him and returned to face him.
“You look beautiful. Blue is my favorite color.”
Smiling broadly, she fidgeted over her dress, smoothing it from the waist. “Thank you! I’m so happy you like it.”
Her words were met with silence. Kadar sat back on the couch and gazed up at the innocent creature in front of him. Now it would begin.
Standing up, he kissed her lips softly and quietly announced, “I want to see what you are under this pretty blue dress.”
He saw her stiffen in fear and whispered, “I would never hurt you, Lily. Trust me.”
“I do,” she said softly.
Kadar made swift work of her dress and undergarments and in seconds Lily stood before him naked. His breath caught in his chest, and he had to restrain himself from opening his trousers and pulling her down on his lap to bury himself as deeply as possible inside her.
Astonished by her beauty, he muttered “lovely” as he softly kissed her, explaining, “I’m going to bind your wrists together. Hold your arms out in front of you.”
Taking the ropes from her, he expertly wrapped them around her wrists, making sure she wasn’t hurt. Restrained, she was forbidden from holding him.
Slowly, he lowered himself to sit on the edge of the couch and pulled her to him. Unable to hold back any longer, he took a nipple in his mouth and gently sucked, feeling the tender skin harden into a peaked point against the flick of his tongue.
Pulling away, he looked up into her face now full of desire. “Beautiful Lily.”
He moved to the other one and began giving his attention to it, eliciting a soft moan from her. Just as with the other nipple, it grew hard in his mouth and he tenderly fastened his teeth to bite down, knowing he had to take care not to frighten her.
Cupping her full breast, he latched on and softly bit her nipple as he gently squeezed the supple skin around it.
Looking up, he saw a frown on her face. “What did you say?”
“That hurt, Kadar.”
He slowly stood and stroked her face. “You told me you wanted to submit to me, Lily. Do you?”
Nodding, she bit her lower lip nervously, and he knew she feared she’d done something to displease him.
“It’s all right. But you will have to be punished now.”
Instantly, he saw a look of terror cross her features. How wide her beautiful green eyes must have been when she heard she was to be punished!
“Please, no, Kadar.”
Cradling her face in his hands, he felt emotion tug at him. Most of the time when he announced to a woman that he intended to punish her, he had to fight to ensure he was seated before they flung themselves across his lap. Lily simply stood trembling in front of him.
“I promise it won’t hurt for long, love.”
Reaching down behind her, he ran his hand over one cheek, then the other, loving how full and firm they felt under his palm. Then he drew back his hand and let it land with a hard slap on her skin.
Kadar held her upright as the shock of his slap wore off, leaving only the warmth growing where his hand had landed. Although he couldn’t see her eyes, he was sure tears began to well up in them.
Gently, he rubbed his hand over the skin, soothing her. “See? Not so bad.”
“That hurt!”
Again, he pulled back his hand and smacked her skin just as loudly. He knew she wanted to fight as every muscle in her body tensed, but with her wrists bound and his arm holding her, all she could do was bury her face in his chest and whimper.
He soothed her skin with the hand that had just reddened it, whispering, “Someday you’ll ask for this, my Lily.”
Holding her to him, he began to repeatedly spank her, ignoring her soft cries and pleas to stop. Each time he inflicted pain, he followed it with the loving caresses she needed to know he cared. Slowly, she stopped protesting and pressed next to his body, grasping at his shirt to find the closeness she craved.
Finally, she reached up to kiss him, aroused by the sensations he was inflicting on her. Unable to hold him, she tugged desperately at his shirt to bring his mouth to hers.
Kadar let her devour his mouth as she pressed against his swollen cock, grinding against it with her moist cunt. She was reacting just as he’d hoped—even more so, to his surprise. She was opening for him, her body begging his to fill her.
But he wasn’t ready for that yet. Her body may desire him, but her mind still didn’t trust him. He needed her body to convince her mind, and that wouldn’t happen if he took advantage and merely fucked her.
He stopped the spanking knowing that one or two more would send her over the edge, and he wanted to prolong this moment. Gently, he stroked her skin with his hand, easing the sting out.
“That’s my Lily,” he cooed in her ear.
“Please, Kadar,” she begged.
“How quickly someday has come,” he teased.
She was so responsive that he didn’t want to stop. But he could give her what she wanted and still be in control. Sitting on the couch, he guided her onto his lap.
“Sit on top of me, legs apart.”
She did as he commanded and positioned herself on his legs, straddling him. His hands glided up and down her sides and over her back, carefully avoiding her still pinkened cheeks.
Just as she became relaxed, he landed his palm on her warmed skin, harder than before. She didn’t cry out or plead for him to stop but returned to kissing him, her mouth desperate to express her need. Sure she was close, he caressed her and then slapped her skin one last time.
Then he waited.
His hand tenderly rubbed the skin and he slid a finger between her pinkened globes. Her body tensed and her lips began to tremble against his. Moaning into his mouth, her release began to take over. Her body sought his as she pushed her pulsating clit against his hard cock to extend the sensations he’d created in her.
© 2011 Gabrielle Bisset

Masquerade-Available Now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance eBooks!

Reviews for Masquerade:
I adore these characters; Annalisa is intelligent, willful and quick-witted, and Nikolai is sexy as sin, playful and romantic. 
-Lola Loves Books

Annelisa Fielding has had the blessings of wealth her entire life, thanks to her industrialist father. However, there is one thing even he can't give her: a title. So he arranges a marriage between his daughter and the Earl of Swindon, Thornton Sutcliffe. As long as his future bride is a virgin, the Earl will tolerate the marrying down because in return for taking Annelisa as his wife, her father will pay off his debts. Everyone wins, as far as the men are concerned, but Annelisa wants more out of marriage than a title and is willing to wait. But time is running out. If she doesn't find some way out of the marriage and fast, in one month she'll become Lady Annelisa Sutcliffe.

The solution to her problem? Count Nikolai Shetkolov, a diplomat in the service of the Tsar and stationed in England. Single, powerful, and sexier than any man Annelisa has ever laid eyes on, Nikolai is the perfect choice to help a young lady lose the one thing her odious future husband prizes most. But Annelisa will have to watch out or she may get more than she bargained for with Nikolai.



Annelisa concealed herself behind an enormous Oriental vase as she stood outside her father’s study spying on the meeting that had just begun inside. She knew exactly who he spoke to. Her future husband.
“My Lord, it is a pleasure to have you in my home.”
“Yes, I’m sure. Let’s dispense with the pleasantries and get to the situation at hand.”
“Yes, of course.”
Frustration boiled up inside Annelisa. How could her father be so obsequious and to Thornton, Lord Sutcliffe, no less? Cursing her father’s old fashioned ways, she struggled to listen as the two men carefully decided the particulars of her future.
“My daughter will make you a fine wife, my Lord. She’s had an excellent governess who has educated her well in many subjects, including French and Latin. Her intelligence is always cited as one of her finest qualities, of which she has many. And she is one of the most beautiful young ladies in all the county.”
“Then why does she remain unmarried at such an advanced age?”
Annelisa blanched at Lord Sutcliffe’s painfully rude question. To her, twenty-five wasn’t an “advanced age” and the disdainful tone of his question offended her. And he had a lot of nerve to refer to anyone’s age as advanced. He was twice her age!
“What I need to know, Mr. Fielding, is one very important fact. Is she a virgin?”
“My Lord?”
“You heard me. Is she still intact? It’s of the utmost importance that any wife I take be a virgin on our wedding night.”
“Yes, yes. I understand, my Lord. I can assure you that my daughter is still as pure as the day she was born.”
“Good. Your family will benefit a great deal from this marriage, Fielding.”
Frozen in place, Annelisa listened to the indelicate discussion of her virginity, part stunned and part furious. Lord Sutcliffe’s claim that her family would profit because of her marriage was only a half-truth, and she knew it. Despite his title as Earl of Swindon, he was nearly penniless. He’d squandered his family fortune in risky business ventures and what some gossiped was a gambling problem. By marrying her, he’d receive the benefit of her father’s substantial wealth, thereby solving his financial problems.
It was a situation common in industrialized England. Lord Sutcliffe had title and some possessions but little wealth. Her father had tremendous wealth from his chemical factories but no real social prestige. The one thing that could remedy both men’s deficiencies?
Her becoming Lady Sutcliffe.
But Annelisa didn’t want to marry Thornton Sutcliffe. In fact, she didn’t want to marry any man. While all her female cousins and friends had long ago found husbands, she’d been content to remain with her books and artwork. Yes, it was true that at one time a few years earlier she’d believed she would marry, just as it seemed every other young English woman did. Now, however, the prospect held no appeal for her, and the idea of marrying a fifty-year-old earl obsessed with her virginity practically disgusted her.
“Then we have a deal, Mr. Fielding?”
“Yes, my Lord.”
“Make sure she’s ready in a month from now. And I’ll expect those payments to begin then also.”
Before she could make a hasty escape, her father and Lord Sutcliffe exited the study, and she found herself face to face with them.
“Annelisa, you remember Lord Sutcliffe, the Earl of Swindon.”
“Yes, Father.” Turning to face the man she’d just been promised to, she smiled and feigned politeness. “My Lord. It’s lovely to see you again.”
Nothing could be further from the truth. As she examined the man who stood sullenly staring at her, she saw a thoroughly unappealing person. Thornton Sutcliffe was short, pudgy, and appeared almost as old as her father with his salt and pepper hair and overgrown sideburns. That he had the manners of a barnyard animal made him even worse.
With a grunt and a nod, he turned to her father and began walking to the door. Disgusted, Annelisa watched him leave, wishing she’d never have to see him again, and stalked into her father’s study.
“I know what you’re going to say, but let me remind you that I’m still your father,” Andrew Fielding said as he sat in the leather chair opposite Annelisa’s.
“Then as my father, how can you marry me off to that...that....cur! Please reconsider, Father.”
“You know in the long run this will be a wonderful thing for you. By marrying him, you’ll become a Lady. And you’ll help this family in ways I never could, even with all my money.”
“He’s odious! Did you see the way he reacted to me? He only wants this marriage because of your money. He cares nothing for me.”
Annelisa watched as her father shifted in his seat and hoped she was getting through to him.
“It’s an advantageous match for you, dear. It’s not as if there have been many offers of marriage in the past few years. Lord Sutcliffe can provide you with security, social status...”
“What about love, Father? Is there to be no love in my life?”
Andrew Fielding grimaced at the truth his daughter refused to ignore. Annelisa knew she was being difficult, but if it took that to change her father’s mind, she would happily cause him discomfort.
“It’s not always possible for one to have love in a marriage, my dear Annelisa.”
“Then am I to be sacrificed on the altar of expediency and usefulness?”
Annelisa saw she wouldn’t win this fight. Frustrated and frightened by the life that lay before her, she struggled to hold back the tears. Unless she could change either her father’s mind or Lord Sutcliffe’s, she would be married in a month and her life of misery without love would begin.
“Please understand, dear. We can talk about this later, but now I have an appointment with the Russian minister.”
Knowing this was her cue to leave, she rose and made her way out to the hallway where her father’s appointment waited. Annelisa forced a smile onto her face in respect for Nikolai Shetkalov, the Russian minister who’d become close to her father in the months since he’d arrived on assignment in Britain.
“Good afternoon, Count Shetkolov.”
“Good afternoon, miss. How are you today?”
“I am traded, sir.”
Nikolai’s face registered his confusion at her remark. “I’m afraid I don’t understand, miss. I find sometimes my English is woefully lacking.”
“No sir. I apologize. I was being intentionally confusing. I am fine, thank you. My father waits for you.”
“Thank you. Enjoy your afternoon, miss.”
Nikolai bowed in respect, and she returned the courtesy. He left her alone in the hallway with her misery, but she wasn’t ready to give in just yet. If she couldn’t find a way around marrying the distasteful Earl of Swindon, then she didn’t deserve to be considered intelligent.
And if there was one thing she prided herself on, it was her intelligence. There was a way out of this. She was sure of it.