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Friday, June 29, 2012

#Paranormalromance Friday

Another Friday here, and it's a hot one where I live. How is everyone else fairing in the heat?  I've got the air conditioners blasting and still it doesn't feel cool enough! But I love the heat so much more than the cold, so I'll take this any day.

I had intended on being able to say Blood Spirit was basically complete today, but the day job got in the way yesterday.  I was teaching a class for the past few weeks and it was time to grade. That means emailing people to ask where their online quizzes are...blah, blah, blah....yeah, sometimes it feels more like high school than college.

So I'm sitting at Chapter 19 in Blood Spirit, which is almost at the end. I've enjoyed writing this book so much. When I first began thinking of a vampire who had been a monk in the Middle Ages and was now one of the most prolific vampires in his world, I loved the idea. It had such a disparity to it. Gradually, Terek formed into a very passionate character. As he's grown on the pages, he's become the type of man who gives his heart and soul to everything he does, whether it's being a monk, a vampire, a sire, or a warrior.

The contrast with the first two heroes in the series is striking. Vasilije is and always will be a hedonist. That he loves Sasa doesn't change that, and neither does the civil war with the Archons. Saint is a man who carries the past with him wherever he goes. It's what has made him into the man everyone knows as Saint. Terek is a character who has been many things. He's almost like a god to many in his world because of how many females he's sired. They live in his homes and to outsiders, they make up what seems to be his harem. But he's more than just a man who loves women.

Terek is a man whose actions are borne out of love for many things. Love for his family, love for the Church when he was a monk, love for the vampire race, and love for Ilona, the woman who may finally be the one who can claim this incredible man.

And Ilona has been a great character to spend time with too. She's a human turned by Terek who struggles with seeing past the women to the man he truly is. It's only because she sees him working to break down her barriers that she begins to let him in. To her, he isn't the legend he is to other vampires. He's just Terek, the man who's given her a new life she isn't sure she wants.

So I'll be working to finish their story by next weekend, hopefully. I have edits for Vampire Dreams Revamped coming up, but I'm very happy to report that Madame Editor found very few things I need to really change. She's a huge Vasilije fan and I'm also happy to report that she says this new novella makes him even sexier. I loved hearing that!

And last, but not least, I received an email from an author I adore this morning.  I'd emailed her to ask her if she'd be willing to guest on my blog.  She said yes, so I'm going to have an interview with her in the not-so-distant future. She's such a fascinating author! She doesn't know it, but she's one of the authors who inspired me take a chance on my writing after years of keeping it to myself. Now a year later, she's coming on my blog and letting me ask her questions. Isn't life great? 

Have a wonderful weekend, and keep cool!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tagged For Lucky 7: #WIP Wednesday #amwriting #vampires

Natasha Blackthorne tagged me for Lucky 7 last week. Thanks, Natasha! The rules are an author excerpts 7 sentences of a current work, from page 77 (or 7), 7 lines down on the page. And then the author nominates and notifies7 other authors to participate.  I've always been a huge fan of the number 7, and my lucky number is 7 (born 7-7 at 6:01 am).

So without further ado, here are 7 lines from page 77 of Blood Spirit doing double duty as Lucky 7 and WIP Wednesday.

A look of pain crossed her features and then she closed her eyes. Terek held his breath, preparing for Ilona's rejection. A strange sense of loss settled into his chest as he waited to hear her deny him again.

This would be the last refusal.

After tonight, she'd go to the house he kept in the hills. There she'd be looked after by other vampires of his, kept safe until he willingly granted her freedom. She'd want for nothing--he'd make sure of that--but she'd leave this house.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Danita Minnis Guest Post

Welcome to author Danita Minnis today! She's here talking about her newest book, Falcon's Angel.

Character Interview: Falcon

What is the Falcon like?
Falcon left home at the age of seventeen. The world was his teacher. You would think that kind of life would land him in trouble but he always knew right from wrong and does both when necessary.  

What drives Falcon to do the things he does?
The mission drives him, the injustices of his prey. Falcon doesn’t necessarily want or need to be a good guy. He’ll be that guy if it fits his plan or gets the job done.

You are introduced to Falcon. Is he happy to meet you?
Always. If you are being introduced to Falcon it’s not an accident. He probably arranged the meeting, along with some unpleasant arrangements for later.

What is Falcon’s weakness?
Women, of course. The only problem is he always goes for the killers.

How would Falcon describe himself?
He is judge and jury when it comes to il Dragone.

Where does the Falcon go to ground?
In an ancient castle on a crumbling hill-top with a custom-built escape route underground.

What does Falcon live for?
Exterminating il Dragone.
Oh, and loving Angel. J

Falcon’s Angel – blurb

She’s a classical violinist and daughter of a dynasty, but Angelina has never felt this kind of want before.

Falcon wants the Stradivarius in her possession, and goes undercover to track down a thief. But he is not the only killer in search of the violin.

il Dragone, a devil-worshiping cult, wants revenge for a past only they can remember.
Angelina wants to go unrecognized when she leaves her family’s Yorkshire estate to play in a symphony in Italy. But the Stradivarius, a gift from her deceased instructor, opens a door to hatred that is centuries old.

Falcon’s Angel is a paranormal romance of a love that ended in tragedy in eighteenth century England. That love is tested in a fight of good versus evil some two hundred years later.


Naples, Italy

Falcon stood in the shadowed courtyard of the Naples Conservatory.
She left the building right on schedule. She had arrived early and stopped by the panetteria to pick up breakfast. She preferred the sweet rolls. When she left the music school, it was near dark.
Her schedule of classes wasn’t that bad. It was the time she spent practicing alone in whatever unoccupied classroom she could find that kept her there all day. She was dedicated, and very beautiful.
She had bumped into him in the hall two days ago on her way to class, “Scusi, Signore.” He did not know which was more shocking; the sound of her rich contralto or those huge liquid gold eyes, a striking contrast to the midnight waterfall rippling down her back.
He had purposely stepped in her path that day to confront her about the Stradivarius she carried. When he got a better look at her, he smiled “Perdonami,” and let her pass. Her lithe form glided down the hall.
If this goddess is a thief, she won’t have to take anything from me. I’ll give her whatever she wants, and more.
Although he allowed her to see him just that once, he had been watching her ever since. He did not know her name yet, but he called her Angel. Her unusual eyes made her seem like a fairy. Her fluid grace only enhanced the impression of an ethereal wood sprite.
The warm breeze lifting her summer print skirt silenced those thoughts.
Damned if he was not holding his breath waiting for the end of those legs before the gentle curve of her hips.
She crossed the darkening piazza and her full breasts danced under the white camisole top, making his mouth water. She was on her way home now.
She was staying at the Casa di Città on Piazza Avellino and now so was he. The apartment, a few avenues away from the Conservatory, was in the cultural Greco-Roman district, where the buildings themselves looked like archaeological finds.
Falcon emerged from the cluster of fig trees in the courtyard. He stopped when a man exited a side door off the Conservatory. The man started walking behind Angel.
Turning toward the fountain in the courtyard, he gave the man a head start. He fell in step behind the man, who carried no books, no instrument. Is he a teacher, or a lover? No, not a lover. The man didn’t even call out to the girl. He did not know her.
Falcon strolled along, looking into shop windows he passed. The man ignored a streetlight, but Falcon stopped, making sure no one followed him. With an idle shift from side to side, he waited for a car to cross the intersection.
Across the street, a teenager sat on the steps of a closed shop. He’d been there for the last few days. The car stopped at the curb in front of the teenager.
Someone should pick him up.
He would not jeopardize his cover for drug trafficking. He would leave that to the local polizia.
The light changed and Falcon crossed the street, satisfied that the man following Angel was alone.
They were walking through the ancient Roman marketplace, which was deserted now. When the girl got closer to the church built on the site of an old temple, the man began to close the distance between them.
Falcon shook his head as she reached the church corner. She never noticed the man who was just a few feet behind her now. When the man pushed her into the gloom around the church corner, they were lost from his sight. The girl screamed.
Sprinting, he rounded the corner. About ten feet away, the man was trying to wrestle the violin case from her against the wall.
Falcon pulled out his gun and aimed. “Let her go.”
The man turned toward him, and the girl pulled at his ear. The man bent, holding his stomach. He made an inarticulate sound before running away along the side of the building into the darkness.
Falcon darted past the girl and followed the man into the shadows.
What the hell?
Something flitted overhead, darker than the darkness in which he now stood alone. He pointed the Glock upward even as a figure walked up the side of the building. It looked like a black cloud but more solid than it should be.
Before he could get off a shot, the darkness disappeared over the side of the roof.
Staring at the dead end in front of him, Falcon put his gun away. No doors or windows on either side.
Where is the guy? Must be a hidden door somewhere, he’d check it out later.
Falcon turned back toward the girl. Beyond her, across the street, the man he had been chasing got into a car.
“No way,” he murmured as the car sped off. No way could the man have gotten past him in the alley.
The girl had both arms wrapped around the violin case in front of her. She was leaning against the church wall, crying.
A street lamp flickered on above them, belatedly bathing the passage in revealing light. She did not seem to realize that he was there.
“Did he hurt you, Signorina?”
She looked up. He lifted his gaze from her heaving chest.
“Grazie,” she whispered, wiping her face with the back of her hand. She shook her head. “I am fine.”
“You should not be walking alone at night.” The harsh reprimand in his voice surprised him. She was very young. Her tears wrought such vulnerability that he softened his tone when he came to stand in front of her. “Do you know that man?”
“No, I have never seen him before. But ... he knew me.”
“What did he say to you?”
She looked down at the violin.
He stared at her until she looked up. Ah, she had just found her story. It was in her eyes, and it was not the truth. The fear in her eyes told him that story would never change.
“He didn’t say anything, but the way he looked at me...”
Her chest heaved again. He almost smiled; she was having a hard time with this lie.
She stared at him. “You are from the Conservatory. I saw you the other day.”
“Antonio Russo, Tony to my friends.” She did not hesitate to shake his hand, and he did smile then. She might be lying to him but at least she did not see him as a threat. She continued to stare at him. She must want more. “I’m taking classes at the Conservatory,” he added. “I play piano.”
“Oh yes, I’ve seen you in Signor Gattano’s class.”
He had signed up for the class because it was right next door to hers. So, she had noticed him, too. He smiled wider.
“Signorina, I could call you Bella, but that would not satisfy my curiosity.”
She lowered her eyelashes over cheeks flushed the color of the terracotta tiles on his mother’s sunlit patio in Tuscany. She tanned well for one so light. He almost lifted his hand to touch her cheek. There would be little satisfaction in knowing her name now that her skin was singing a siren’s song to him.
“My name is Angelina Natale.”
“Ah. You are an angel, after all. I have not seen you around here for very long. Did you just fall from heaven?”
He watched her full lips while the sound of earthy laughter, though shaky, amped up the adrenaline coursing through his veins. A vision of her lying naked beneath him, her golden eyes glazed in passion, teased him.
“I am from England. I’m here for the symphony.” Her Italian was excellent.
“Angelina Natale, I would be honored if you would let me escort you home.”
She put the violin case under one arm. “I would like that.”
There was blood on her closed fist.
“Are you hurt?” He moved closer.
She moved her hand behind the folds of her skirt and backed into the wall.
He waited, leaning his hand against the wall above her head, inhaling her perfume. A beguiling combination of ... amber, apples and musk. The scent suited her, organic, delicious. He wanted to lift her skirt right now and take her against this wall, those long legs wrapped around him.
Angelina examined the buttons on his shirt that were in such close proximity. Stepping away from him would be cowardly, and he would guess she was made of sterner stuff. When she looked up it was with the defiance he expected from a cornered tigress.
He held her gaze, reaching behind to bring her fist out from the folds of her skirt.
The bloody gold in the center of her palm was a heavy medium-sized loop engraved with a stylized dragon. She had pulled it from the man’s ear and he had not made a sound.
“A memento?” He whispered in English close to her lips.
“I don’t want it. You can have it,” she answered in her native tongue. Now, that was the truth. Her British accent was tinged with a weary sadness. He wanted to pick her up against his chest and carry her home.
She had courage. Even while his mind worked to figure out what her role was in the mystery of the Stradivarius, he admired that.
He couldn’t leave her alone now. Not on a street where men escaped him when cornered in an alley and black clouds slid up church walls.
“Are you hungry?” Their lips were inches apart and he wanted to kiss her, but that would have to come later.
“I forgot about lunch. I had caffe at four. I’m starving,” the beautiful tigress admitted.

Danita Minnis Bio

If you asked me which is easier, writing songs or writing novels, I would say it was the former. Melodies and rhymes are second nature. What my characters want is another thing entirely. With my debut novel, Falcon’s Angel, I learned to listen to my spunky heroine and sinfully confident hero. They’re funny and in danger, and that’s just the way they want it. Lesson learned: don’t try to save them.

When I’m not writing, I exercise my lungs at my son’s soccer matches and our favorite theme park, because everyone knows it’s easier on the stomach to scream your way down a roller coaster.

I’m Here

Monday, June 25, 2012

Signup For 18 & Over G!veaway H0p

Monday again...the weekends are always so short. My weekend was spent with Terek and the Sons, and Blood Spirit is nearly complete. :)  I also read a book and did some editing on Vampire Dreams Revamped, so I feel like I got something accomplished.

Although it seems like so long from now, the giveaway hop that I'm co-hosting with the great bloggers over at Bitten by Paranormal Romance is planned and ready for September.  Signups just began today, so head on over to their blog and put your name up.  It's 18 and over, so all you erotic romance and erotica lovers are encouraged to enter.

The hop will run September 13-16, and these 18 and over giveaway hops usually get a lot of people. I'll be posting a very sexy scene with Terek and Ilona then in addition to giving away some cool stuff, so be sure to come by for that.

Friday, June 22, 2012

#Paranormalromance Friday

Welcome to another Friday! I've always loved Fridays, possibly more than any other day of the week. It's both the end of the workweek and the beginning of the weekend--the best of both worlds! 

So what's new in my paranormal romance world?  The men of the Sons of Navarus are all over the place today. Last night, Shiela Stewart posted both Vasilije's and Saint's covers on her site Book Cover Lovers. Love that name! You can see Vasilije HERE and Saint HERE. Stop by with some love! And Blood Avenged is the star of Jane Wakely's Cover Mania today.

So to continue the celebration of the Sons and their gorgeous covers, I'm doing a giveaway at the Sons of Navarus FB page starting today and running through the end of the month. One winner will get a signed copy of Blood Avenged. Stop by and enter today!  I'll choose the winner randomly on July 1.

I'll be working on the last few chapters of Blood Spirit this weekend. It's coming down to the wire now.  The goal is to have the book in my editor's hands in July, the earlier the better, so it can be a September release.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

#WIP Wednesday #amwriting

Welcome to another WIP Wednesday! These weeks are flying by, I swear. Before I get to the work in progress, I want to tell everyone that Blood Betrayed is featured at Kindle Spice today, so head on over and show Saint some love.

Onto what I've been working on.  Progress continues to be made on Blood Spirit, and I've been working feverishly on that to make sure it's ready for the editor by the end of July. However, I have also been working on Vampire Dreams Revamped, which I'm happy to say is in the editor's hands already. I'm looking at a July release for that.

But back to Blood Spirit. Although the book's romance is about Terek and Ilona, I put a picture up of Thane on the Sons FB page (and mine too) with the mention that he'd be important as the series continued. Today's WIP Wednesday is dedicated to him since he's begun to play a large part in Blood Spirit.

Thane is one of two Sons who is in charge of deciphering the Prophecy of Idolas. Unlike Ramiel, the other Son he works with on this who can be vicious (it's the Visogoth barbarian in him), Thane is a sweetheart. The quiet Son, he's been a vampire longer than Vasilije and Saint and while he can take care of himself (he's 6'3 and built like the man in the picture above), he's not violent like Ramiel.

Because he's quiet, he's not very close to any of the Sons. He works with them, but that's really it. The one soul at the monastery that he's become close to is Sasa.  Her ability as an empath allows her to sense what others might not and when Sasa needs a friend, Thane is there for her.

When I was looking for pics that resemble Thane, I found this one and knew it was perfect. Sweet, with kind brown eyes, he's a gentle giant. Not to worry, though. He'll have more than enough opportunity to show those Archons not to mess with him when his chance comes. He's a Son of Navarus, after all.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Author D.C. McMillen Guest Post

Welcome to author D.C. McMillen today!  Seems she's all about dishing the dirt. ;)

Getting Dirty With D.C. McMillen
I loved (and I do mean loved) playing in the mud when I was a kid.

If I woke up to the pitter patter of raindrops against my window pain, I would feel a surge of excitement. Today, I knew, would be an excellent day.
If it wasn’t a school day, I would grab my bucket and yellow plastic shovel, roll my eyes while my mom helped me into my red raincoat, ensuring my hood was tied securely under my chin, and then run for the garden. I’d spend the morning excavating big fat dew worms, already tunnelling their way to the surface, drop them in my dirt packed bucket and my eyes would fill with dollar signs as I mentally mapped out my route to all of the fishermen’s doors I would knock on. They would only be too glad to purchase worms from a budding entrepreneur. Later, exhausting all of the resources in the garden, I would collect soggy worms along the sidewalk as I walked to each of my customer’s houses.
With my rounds completed and my bucket depleted, I would then make my way to the creek, where I’d usually meet up with friends. We’d splash around in the water and mud, precariously playing with snapping turtles and catching frogs. Plenty of fishermen made it known they would pay good pocket change should I bring them frogs in addition to worms but I had to draw the line somewhere. Frogs were adorable and they made funny sounds and, therefore, were not acceptable bait in my eyes.
Just before my mom would expect me home for dinner, I would rush to the store and spend most of my earnings on five cent candies and a Caramilk chocolate bar for my mom.
Dinner would be waiting, usually Mr. Noodles (the Canadian version of Top Ramen) or Campbell’s soup with grilled cheese because my mother was not exactly a chef, and afterwards we would sit on the living room floor watching whatever was on our one and only television station while playing cards and eating our spoils.
As an adult, I have had a few killer opportunities to play in the mud. I once went mud sliding with friends. Then there was the time my mom and I spent the majority of a three day weekend at an outdoor concert dancing half naked in the mud. This may sound risqué but many of the people in the mud pit were completely naked, not that you could see any detail through the layers of mud coating, and in our defense we were very stoned.
Yes things are simply more fun when they are a little bit dirty.
Perhaps this is why my writing focuses more on erotica and less on romance. And perhaps this is why my stories lack the softness, the sweetness of typical romance stories. In my mind, things are always a little more fun when they get down and dirty. Whether it is how they meet, the location, the position of the bodies, the introduction of a toy, another person or a little pain here and there, I like my stories to have that I’m-so-naughty-for-reading-this element. Writing or reading, it is the stories with a naughty edge that send a tiny thrill down my spine.

Here is an excerpt from my recently released novella, The Rusty Nail.
The short ride home was unusually crowded for an early afternoon. We were forced to sit beside each other which made it difficult to think about what it was I wanted from this friendship, like he asked. I kept trying to figure things out but the feel of his slim, hard thigh against my solid, meaty one would make my mind wander. Then I’d have to start all over. It was very unsettling and as I attempted to piece together my thoughts I just ended up feeling like a giant, jumbled mass of confusion sitting on public transit. I mean, I liked hanging out with him. He was fun and cool. But that didn’t mean I wanted more, right? Wanting a man to play video games next to you on your couch was one thing but – the bus went over a bump and our thighs slammed together. His head hit my shoulder and rested there just a moment before he straightened. Where was I? Oh right, sex with Juan.
I wondered what it would be like. Nothing like sex with Gianna, I guessed. Sex with Gianna was what I imagined being the passenger in a race car was like. It was thrilling, crazy, heart pounding and all I could do was hold on for dear life and enjoy the ride. And if I happened to not want a ride that day, well Gianna could take care of herself. That crazy hot girl even carried a little vibrator in her purse just in case the mood struck her. She did not even need me. Not just for sex, for anything. That girl could take care of herself, me and anyone else she wanted. This was good, of course because a less independent woman wouldn’t put up with me. Still, now that I had lost my job, I just felt so useless.
I bet Juan could make me feel in control, even if that wasn’t his intention. Liking where this was going I delved deeper. How could dominating another man not cause a guy to feel in control? I imagined the power I would feel making someone as hard and masculine as Juan feel soft and vulnerable in my hands. A strong, healthy, beautiful man and I could bend him, twist him, make him gasp and groan with intense pleasure. I was dragged away from my thoughts by Juan’s strangled whisper that ours was the next stop. I realized then that my fingers were digging into his thigh and his hand was on top of mine. Neither of us let go until it was time to get off the bus.

The Rusty Nail is a story about the seemingly random lives of a group of people who somehow find themselves acquainted with a rundown bar on the wrong side of town. If you’re interested in picking up a copy of this smoking hot erotic novella, please visit Amazon or other online book retailers.

D.C.’s Bio
D.C. McMillen is an up and coming author living in Toronto, Canada. She enjoys writing about dirty sex in questionable places but has been known to write about other subjects, on special occasions.
D.C. is featured in MuseItHot’s Short & Spicy line up with The Rental and the upcoming story A Decent December. Her debut novella, The Rusty Nail, was recently published through Rebel Ink Press, she is featured in several anthologies and pens the erotic humour series Nauti-Lust.
D.C. is obsessed with blogging and Twitter; invites you to look her up on her e-rotica blog, on twitter at @mcmillendc, or on Facebook.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Coming Soon: Vampire Dreams Revamped

When  I approached my editor with the idea of reworking Vampire Dreams, her first words were, "Why? You sell tons of that each month. Don't mess with what works." This coming from a tough as nails editor made me feel good, but it didn't dissuade me from wanting to go back into that first book I published.

You see, when I wrote Vampire Dreams, I was actually doing it in response to something external, not internal, so to me, every time I see that book, I think of that external business that was pressing down on me then.  I've overcome it, but when I read Vampire Dreams, I can still hear it in so many places.

I loved the characters of Arden and Brandon from the minute they came to life, and Vasilije...well, he was always destined for more after that book.  Arden and Brandon have a charm to me that brings a sweetness to a very erotic book. So despite the fact that my editor disagreed, I began to rework Vampire Dreams a few weeks ago and asked the wonderful Talina Perkins if she'd make just one more exception and create a cover for this new book. What you see is the new cover--Vampire Dreams Revamped.

So what's going to be different in this new book?  It's going to be longer.  The original came in at 17K words, and this will top out at over 25K.  The story has been added to also, and two of the Sons of Navarus in addition to Vasilije will appear as cameos in Revamped. It's also a bit hotter too.

That last choice--to make Revamped a sexier book--was something I had to think about. Out of the thousands of copies sold, the book has relatively few bad reviews, but often those that are bad attack it because it has too much sex. (Others claim it's written too simply while even others claim the writing is too complicated, especially the sentence structure. Those make no sense together, so I disregard them as they cancel one another out. Sorry critics, but it can't be both.) I've even had a few unhappy readers claim it's porn.

I either read some seriously hot stories, or I underestimate my books' heat levels because while the original Vampire Dreams had some steamy scenes, it certainly wasn't the hottest thing I'd ever read. It's been listed under Erotica, so I'm always confused when readers have a problem with the sex scenes. What do they expect? (I blame this in part on the Fifty Shades phenomenon, by the way. I've read that and it wasn't hot to me.  In fact, it was clunky, immature, and awkward, and that's not erotic to me. But that's just my humble opinion. But if people read that and then come to my books, they are in for a very different type of sexy read.) To me, it's erotic romance because it has a definite story and a HEA. Erotica isn't forced to conform to those criteria. Whatever it is, it's way too hot for some folks, it seems.

So, in the end, Vampire Dreams Revamped will be even hotter than the original. Maybe I should put a disclaimer in the description.  Maybe something like: Reading this book may make your panties melt. Be aware and take precautions.

Look for Vampire Dreams Revamped in July. Have a great Monday everyone!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Author Lynn Crain Guest Post

The Love of Writing

            I love to write. I particularly love to write science fiction based stories because it represents to me where I can go, doing things I can only imagine in a world never before seen. This week, science fiction lost respected and well known author, Ray Bradbury and I was really surprised to see that he didn’t categorize himself as a science fiction writer at all but a fantasy writer.
            Here was an icon I loved telling me he didn’t write the genre and that stunned me. His reasons were clear because he saw a difference in what might happen with what he said could never happen. His exact quote was: “Science fiction is a depiction of the real. Fantasy is a depiction of the unreal.” In his novel, Fahrenheit 451, he saw a world without books and could envision that happening very easily. After all, he’d seen what the Nazi regime did in Germany and there were thousands upon thousands of books burned by a people who were very literate. His novel, Martian Chronicles, he felt was fantasy because he didn’t ever see it happening.
            Now, I love Ray Bradbury and his stories. He brought me many entertaining hours of reading, studying his novels in college and oh the TV shows that man did...I can remember some of them now. He was a genius of his time and did many fascinating things. And he influenced my writing and love of writing in general. Without reading about a sinister future in high school, I might have never wanted to be a writer. He will be missed.
            Mr. Bradbury wasn’t the only author to influence me, of course, but one that I remember because of his ties with television. There was the Ray Bradbury Theatre and Tales from the Crypt. These are all things burned into my mind as I was developing my skills.
            But science fiction has changed a lot over the years and today, there is a mind-set of ‘if we can dream it, we can do it’ that prevails. Star Trek comes to mind and just how much we all want to have an FTL drive. Physics says it’s impossible but humanity dreams of a life among the stars. And to be frank, if we do want to be immortal, we need to get off this rock and fly the vast reaches of the glowing darkness.
            I love to speculate just how we’ll get there. Or why we’ll get there. Will it be because we must? Or just a burning need to explore? People by nature are curious. We want to discover things, see things for ourselves. When writing I try to put that perspective out there, the wonder of the worlds my characters fly by, the people and creatures they meet. Science changes every day and new things are discovered, items we never dreamed existed, both big and small.
            One of my favorite research subjects is nanotechnology and how it can be used in medicine. You know, the really, really, really small machines that can ferret out cancer, latch on to certain cells and let the doctors know just what’s going inside your body. It’s an interesting world we live in and having all the technological advances at our fingers tips is certainly an item to think about.
            When I write my sci-fi, I use many different technologies. I’ve used nanotechnology so people can hear each other mentally without speech, I’ve created a combination of a human-cyborg being I’ve termed a clonedroid and in my latest, I use space to hide a woman running from her past. I incorporate various different new and old technologies and try to come up with innovative things never before seen.
            Why? I love to write. Even if no one ever read what I wrote, I would still write about science, trying to figure out the world around me. I am a true believer that of the thought that we will never, ever know it all but I for one, don’t mind trying one little bit.
            I’d like to leave you with a quote from Mr. Bradbury himself where he sums up his writing life: In my later years I have looked in the mirror each day and found a happy person staring back. Occasionally I wonder why I can be so happy. The answer is that every day of my life I've worked only for myself and for the joy that comes from writing and creating. The image in my mirror is not optimistic, but the result of optimal behavior.
            If I can be as happy as Mr. Bradbury, I truly will be one blessed writer.

Lynn Crain

Lynn Crain has penned over 25 novels in  romance in the genres of science fiction, fantasy and contemporary romance, erotic to tame in nature. She always knew that writing was her calling even if it took years at other professions to prove it. She has belonged to EPIC and RWA for more years that she cares to think about. Currently, she lives in Europe while her husband of nearly 30 years pursues his dream of working internationally. Her state-side home is in Nevada where family and friends wait patiently for their return. You can find her hanging out at A Writer In Vienna Blog ( and various other places on the net (;; ). Still, the thing she loves most of all is hearing from her readers at

Read Lynn’s latest sci-fi erotic romance, The Harvester, TODAY!!

Logline: Sky Nerezsh, a Harvester of men, leaves home avoiding a tragic path when a rival comes to claim Earth and the two Scottish lifemates she’s just discovered.

Premise: Princess Sky Xera Nerezsh came to earth to avoid the normal succession path to the throne. Being the oldest daughter, she will be required to murder her mother in order to secure her path to power. Sky loves her mother and refuses this path, choosing instead to disappear in the vast reaches of space. When her past collides with her present, she has to think quick on her feet, claim two men and a whole planet just to avoid the inevitable: a meeting with her mother. Along the way, she discovers true love and a burning need to be there for them always. Now if the other Harvesters can just keep to themselves, they’ll have no problems. But who said true love was ever easy.

Excerpt: Suddenly one dark haired man was on the table in front of her, gyrating his sexy hips in her face, his package mere inches from her mouth. In another life, she would have leaned forward and planted her lips on his crotch, willing his body to perform. She really should have been paying more attention to the situation around her instead of wondering about where Angela had gotten herself.
Leaning down, his breath reminded her of the sweetgrass that grew on her home planet of Tyrsati, heightening her senses even more. “Sweetheart, I see how you want’s written all over your face.” His voice purred in her ear.
Sky gasped and pulled back to get a better look at the man in front of her. He reminded her of the gods of Vada. He was tall, well-muscled, dark hair brushing the top of his shoulders and had the most incredible violet eyes she had ever seen. Guess the optics weren’t wrong. He would fetch an exquisite price on Texra and her mother would be extremely proud for her acquisition. She shook her head to clear the cobwebs.
“Nice eyes, sweetie – hang around after the show – I’ll make it worth your while.” His voice hit a resonance with her and her whole body flushed. It had been years since she had reacted to any man. Now her emotions and body betrayed her for an insignificant being on an outer planet. She shook her head. This planet was no more insignificant than any other, including her own but she knew if she didn’t get herself under control, the Harvester in her would take over. Old habits die hard.
“Don’t let his demeanor fool you, luvey. He just wants to get into your pants.” Another deep voice reverberated close to her ear.
She glanced over her shoulder and again her breath was nearly taken away as she looked into the bluest eyes she’d ever seen in the galaxy bar none. The sky of Octa couldn’t hold a candle to the color that swirled in their depths.
“Ooo, Jaxon is right about the eyes. Very cool green.”
“Contacts,” Sky managed to get out for the second time this evening, her voice low.
“And a sexy voice to boot. Very nice.” He twirled away to join his companion on stage. He was just as nice looking as the first guy but just a little shorter. His shiny hair swung around his jaw line as he moved and her hands ached to run her fingers through it and over his body.
She sat there stunned as the people at her table laughed and clapped her on the back as if she’d done some sort of fantastic feat. While her time on this planet had been very thrilling, in her old life working for her mother, their performances had to be impeccable or their fate might be worse than death. She vaguely wondered just how she’d rate them.
Sky did her best to smile and act as if what happened was one of the most exciting things in her life when in reality it brought back some memories she’d rather forget. Folding her hands in front of her, she closed her eyes and steadied her breathing. She opened her eyes slow and caught a glimpse of a targeting laser. The light was in a part of the spectrum that no one of this planet could even see but her optics caught it.
Scanning the crowd, she allowed her eyes to whirl, not caring who saw. There were not supposed to be any Harvesters on this world as it had been declared too primitive to even be included in the Alliance of Planets. She came here because she knew this was the one place her mother wouldn’t think to look. Now, she knew another Tyrsatian walked the same world as she did, occupying the very same room.
Maybe it was time to see just what type of trouble Angela got herself into. Leaning across the table, she quickly gave Jayne her phone number and said her goodbyes to all the others present. Rising slowly, she didn’t want to alert the other Harvester but she was just far enough away and at a weird angle to not see who it might be. Moving quickly to the back wall, she moved to where she stood way behind the woman but close enough to see who it was.
Jesata Ardik. Of all the Harvesters to show up on her new home planet, one of the most relentless in the business had to land on her new home. This wasn’t going to be easy. She had to delay her from marking them because once they were marked, it didn’t matter wherever in the universe they were, they would be considered fugitives until captured and sold to the highest bidder. Meaning, she wouldn’t be able to get them off world without the help of her mother.

Buy Links:

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Author Jordan K. Rose Guest Post

I'm happy to welcome fellow author Jordan K. Rose to my blog today. Here's the blurb for her book, Perpetual Light and keep reading for her post below.

Fate is cruel. Especially when the one you’ve sworn to love for all eternity, the very soul who changed your destiny is the last person you should trust.

After more than three hundred years of running, Lucia Dicomano must make a choice.

Forced to take her place as a Pharo of Redemption, the divine slayer needs to master her forgotten powers. Lucia turns to Vittorio, the one vampire she’s failed to deliver from eternal damnation. But overcoming smoldering remnants of love, lust and anger aren’t their only obstacles.

Samuel, who may know Lucia better than she knows herself, hunts her with a fervor stoked by a thousand years of vengeful hatred. His plan—capture and enslave the weakened Pharo then take control of her elusive power. 

Can Lucia trust Vittorio long enough to reclaim her powers? Or will she have no choice but to kill him and battle Samuel alone?

Thanks for having me on the blog today, Gabrielle. I’m excited to be here, blogging with a fellow vampire lover.

Making an Old Idea Fresh, New, and Exciting

How do you take something that’s been done over and over and create a story others will want to read? And…how do you create characters readers will become devoted to, care about, even wonder about late at night months after they’ve read the book?

Before I began writing I could not understand how writers came up with ideas, how they could think of these things, and of course, I thought several of them were quite twisted. Since writing the first draft of Perpetual Light I’ve learned the answers to all those questions and confirmed that yes, many of us are twisted. (It sort of helps in story development.)

Everything in life impacts a writer’s thought process, just as it does anyone else’s. Writers draw from big events like 9/11 to the mundane like laundry. We mull things over, inspecting and wondering, “what if…” until our little question becomes the entire reason for our book to exist. 

I was raised Catholic. I believe in God and heaven and redemption. The idea of vampires as soulless creatures of the night has been written, and many writers have also written vampires with humanistic traits, for example, the ability to love. But what if vampires have souls? What if they’re simply lost? What if a vampire is a frightened soul who mistakenly believes he is condemned and soulless? What if God has ordained a divine slayer to bring lost vampire souls back to The Light?

That is my twist on vampires. In the Perpetual Light series vampires have souls. They just need some help getting out of the shadows. My heroine is tasked with helping them find redemption, but to do this she must slay them, even the ones she loves.

When I think about that, having to kill the people (even if they are vampires) she loves, it makes my stomach knot. I could never kill someone I love. I’ve been driven to lunacy by some of them, but I’ve never even considered killing one! So for me this is pretty steep conflict.

Now to make the hero and heroine likeable, no lovable I needed to understand them both. I also needed to understand their relationship and commitment to each other. Knowing the ins and outs of each character is crucial to creating characters readers can, will, and want to relate to. I had to learn all their flaws and be able to demonstrate their love for each other.

These are the things that make a reader stick with a book once the back cover copy has intrigued them enough to buy it. Readers must connect with the characters. When I think about the books I have not finished, I know I walked away for one of two reasons. Either I did not care enough about the outcome of the story or I didn’t like the characters, and sometimes both.

Of course, this is simply my perspective and the foundation I use to get my stories going and completed. What about you? What do you do to create new twists on old ideas? 

About Jordan:
After trying her hand at many, many things- from crafting and art classes to cooking and sewing classes to running her own handbag business, Jordan finally figured out how to channel her creativity. With an active imagination and a little encouragement from her husband she sat down and began to write, each night clicking away at the keys with her black Labrador, Dino curled up under the desk.

A few short years later she’s entered the publishing arena with no plans to ever turn back.

Jordan’s a member of Rhode Island Romance Writers, as well as RWA National, and the New England (NEC), Connecticut, and Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal (FFnP) Chapters.

Her first book, Perpetual Light, is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, kobo, and All Romance Ebooks from Crescent Moon Press.

Find Jordan on her website at
Follow her tweets on!/jordankrose 
Friend her on Facebook at

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Shameless Summer Goodies

Welcome to the Shameless Summer Giveaway Hop! Hosted by Jen at Red Hot Books, Brie at Romance Around the Corner & Michelle at Michelle's Book Blog, this hop is for those of us who shamelessly love a hot, sensual romance with all the bells and whistles. For me, this means sexy men.  I unabashedly love a hot guy, so here are some of my favorites.

True Blood comes back this Sunday, ladies! Mmmmm....Alcide.
But Eric's not too bad either. I do love a show that I can drool over.
Gone, but never forgotten.
Very much what I think of when I'm writing Terek in Blood Spirit (but with more hair!).

Oooh...okay, let's get to the business at hand.

The hop runs from 12:01 June 8 to 12:59 June 15.  That's one full week to visit all the great blogs and enter for some really cool prizes.  Here at my blog I'm giving away two prizes:  the Second Prize is ebook copies of Love's Master and Masquerade, the second and third novellas in the Victorian Erotic Romance Trilogy to one winner, and the First Prize is a signed paperback copy of Blood Avenged, the first book in my Sons of Navarus series, and some cool swag from the Sons (bookmarks and cover flats).  If you haven't begun the Sons series yet, this is a perfect time because Book #2, Blood Betrayed, just came out a few weeks ago and Book #3, Blood Spirit, is scheduled for a fall 2012 release. Click on the books' titles for an excerpt from each!

First Prize

Second Prize

So what do you have to do to be entered to win?  The only mandatory entry is to leave a comment with your email address below.  The giveaway is international, so an email gets you entered. But if you want extra chances at winning, I hope you'll do the extra entries, especially liking the Sons of Navarus Facebook page.  I keep readers up-to-date on all the Sons info there and do giveaways, so don't miss those!

Just check out the Rafflecopter thingy for all the details, and then hop around to all the great blogs who are celebrating summer shamelessly.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Another #WIP Wednesday

Welcome to the first #WIP Wednesday of June!  I'm still recuperating from a marathon writing session in Blood Spirit over the weekend.  Almost 10K in two days and my fingers still hurt.  I know many people who write on computers would find that number almost paltry, but since I hand write my books first, that's a haul for me. 

I'm about two-thirds of the way finished with Blood Spirit, so it's looking very good for an early fall release (September) instead of the November release I was originally planning.  Terek has been very kind to me these past weeks, and I even got the blurb finished.  Take a look:

I am everything you seek. I am vampire.

Blessed with the gift of telepathy, Terek always knows what a woman wants. His gift has afforded him nightly sensual pleasures and exotic treats for centuries, but beneath the surface he yearns for much more.

Ilona can give him what his soul craves, but only if he trusts his heart. One fateful choice made out of desire puts all he cares for in danger. With a civil war and the threat of Archon hunters at every turn, this Son may lose everything if he can't find the balance between heart and mind.

For those of you who read Blood Avenged and Blood Betrayed, you know to expect a different feel to each Son's book. Vasilije was pure hedonism (with a little good guy mixed in). Saint was brooding, dark, and sexy. Blood Spirit has a very different vibe to it because Terek is very different from the first two Sons. He's mystical and sensual, but with a distance, unlike Vasilije. However, Terek and Vasilije are close friends and respect one another. That comes in handy since I give Vasilije and Sasa some difficulties in Blood Spirit.

But Blood Spirit is Terek and Ilona's story, so since my street team leader Nicole was left wanting more after I released the blurb the other night, here's an excerpt from Blood Spirit:

"I'm sorry. I'm not sure I'll ever be the vampire you hope for, but I don't want to die, Terek. I was wrong."

"Do you still feel the hunger or pain?"

Cautiously, she inhaled and then exhaled. "My ribs feel much better. How did you do that?"

Terek smiled, happy to know his blood had begun to heal her. "I'm your sire. My blood is what made you vampire, so my blood can heal you better than any other in the world."

"And the hunger? Is that the same?"

Bringing his wrist to his mouth, he slid his tongue over the holes and closed them. "For now, my blood is what you need to connect you to our world."

"So someday I won't need your blood to do that?"

Terek felt a tiny stab at his heart. "Do you wish to be free of me so quickly?"

Shaking her head, Ilona frowned. "No. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that. I was just curious."

"My blood will always be what you crave most, but no, you won't always need it as you do now."

Ilona was silent, but he could tell she had something on her mind. Once again, he attempted to read her thoughts, but heard nothing.

To find out, he'd have to do things the old-fashioned way. He'd have to ask.

"What's wrong, Ilona?"

She slid up and pressed her back against the pillows. He saw by her expression that she was concerned about something but didn't expect the question she next asked.

"Do you love all these women?"

"Yes. In my own way, I love every one of them."

A look of confusion replaced the look of concern. "Do you sleep with all of them?"

"Yes, I have."

Swinging her legs past him, she stood from the bed and looked down at him. "I have no desire to be part of a harem."

"You will if I say you will." Harem? This was his house, not a harem, he thought defensively.

"No, I won't. I don't know what the rules of being a vampire are, but unless all sires are like you, I'm guessing I don't have to be one of your concubines."

Terek stared at her in amazement. "Concubines?"

"I'm thinking you've never met a woman like me, but that doesn't matter. I don't know how long you've been a vampire, but this isn't the Stone Ages."

Any romantic notions he'd had just minutes earlier were dashed by her staring down at him with her hands on her hips and her impudent mouth firmly set. Oh, he'd met someone like her before, long ago.

Terek stood and looked down into her stubborn eyes. God, she so reminded him of that one soul in the world who'd possessed him heart, mind, and body all those centuries ago. "I see you have a typical Spanish temper. Well, don't worry. I'm patient."

As she walked off in a huff, he smiled. Yes, he'd known another Spanish beauty like her. If he didn't watch out, he'd end up just as he had with that one.

© 2012 Gabrielle Bisset

Friday, June 1, 2012

A Great First Year

One year ago today I published Vampire Dreams. I sold 150 copies of Vampire Dreams that first month.  How far away that seems.  That little book, which in all honesty was a reaction to something I was dealing with professionally at the time, has alone sold over 14,000 copies to date and has consistently been an Amazon bestseller since last July. 

Vampire Dreams started something for me that exploded throughout the year.  In late June, Stolen Destiny was published by Siren Publishing. In July, I released Love's Master, the second novella in the Victorian Erotic Romance Trilogy.  In August, I released Masquerade, the third in the trilogy.  In October, I released Destiny Redeemed, a sequel to Stolen Destiny.  And then in December, I released the first book in the Sons of Navarus series, Blood Avenged. And just last week, I released the second book in the Sons series, Blood Betrayed. And along the way I compiled the three novellas into a one volume book.  Seven books and one compilation.  It's been a busy year.

It's been such a terrific year too.  I began this publishing journey with an epub but soon found that indie was the way for me.  It's not just that I know what I'm selling and where I'm selling.  It's the feeling that I get when I know that from start to finish, from the first word through the cover art, and to the last edit that I was in charge of producing a book that is the best it can be.

A lot has changed in the past year.  I went from having one small novella to eight books for sale.  I have swag--me! I have a street team of great people who want to tell the world about my books.  That's something I'd never imagined at this time last year.  My books have been mentioned in national magazines and local newspapers and in places around the world I only dream of visiting some day (when I get to do this writing thing full time and leave the day job behind!). I've got a FB page, a FB fan page, and the Sons even have a FB page. I can't tell you how many incredible people I've met on those in the past year. I'm on Twitter and Pinterest, where everyday people follow me because they've liked my books or heard good things about them and each time they retweet one of my messages or pin one of my book covers, I'm still in awe that they've done that for little ole' me.

This hasn't been a solo effort, though.  I have to mention the people who helped me have such a fantastic year.  Elaina Lee created those gorgeous beginning covers, and if you knew how particular I am with everything, you'd know I was probably tough to work with.  And Talina Perkins has been the creative juggernaut behind the Sons of Navarus covers and ALL my swag (bookmarks, cover flats, posters) and the banners like the one at the top of the blog for each book.  You ladies have made my covers and graphics stunning.  Thank you! 

And thanks to my editor, Yvonne, who's amazing too.  She catches things I swear I would never find. Spaces?  How the hell does she find extra spaces?  As an editor, she goes above and beyond to make sure my books are clean.  That's important, especially as an indie.

And my beta readers are fantastic!  I can't thank each of you enough for giving me feedback on every book I send you. Your place in the creation of a book is so important, even if you think you're just giving me your opinion.

A huge thanks to the members of my Street Team.  Nicole Garcia is a Street Team leader extraordinaire, and those team members are so fabulous. Thanks so much, ladies, for helping me get the word out about my books. You're the best!

Thanks to the bloggers who have welcomed me to their homes on the web.  I appreciate your time and your help in getting an unknown indie author's work out to the world.  There are too many to name, but you know who you are. Thanks!

Last, but certainly not least, are the readers.  You've made this past year such an overwhelming success for me.  I can't say enough about romance readers.  You rock!  I'm so thankful to have readers like you.  The rest of the Sons are headed your way this year and next (if I keep writing at the pace I have been) and then who knows? 

I'm so thankful to everyone who's joined me along the way.  It's been a great time so far, and it's only just begun.