Gabrielle Bisset

Friday, July 1, 2011


Well, it's the first of July, so my book Vampire Dreams is entering its second month for sale.  Yes, it's true that it didn't go on sale at Amazon until June 3 and Barnes and Noble until June 10, but I like the beginning of the month idea to see how the book did in its first month out.  So, how did it do?

150 copies sold.  To say I'm overjoyed would be an understatement.  When I released Vampire Dreams, I had no idea what to expect.  I'd read a number of posts by fellow authors to get a feel for what to expect, so I did my homework.  I also knew that at the $1.99 price point, it was higher than other books in the genre, but I kept that in mind and hoped for the best. 

Now it competes with my novel, Stolen Destiny, for my attention, but I'm not complaining.  I want to thank everyone who's read Vampire Dreams and has been so wonderful about it.  In celebration of my birthday (July 7) and the release of Stolen Destiny on June 29 and Love's Master (in a week or so), I've dropped the price of Vampire Dreams to 99 cents. 

Today I'm over at L.K. Below's blog, Lindsay's Ramblings, talking about the inspiration for Stolen Destiny, and Nat over at Reading Romances has reviewed Vampire Dreams and given it 4 stars!  Check both these lovely ladies' blogs out and have a wonderful day! 


theJeepDiva said...

Congrats! I read Brandon & Arden's tale earlier this week. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Gabrielle said...

I'm so happy to read that, Vanessa! Thanks!

Bree said...

Wow! That's great. Did you self-publish it?

Gabrielle said...

Yeah, I indie published it. Stolen Destiny is the only one through an epub, so far. Love's Master, Masquerade, and the sequel to Stolen Destiny, Destiny Redeemed, will all be self-pubbed too.