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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ROW 80 Check In 6-1

It's Wednesday and that means check in day with ROW 80.  So where is this writer this week?  First, I made my goal of 3500 words, so yay!  I'm still working on Masquerade, the novella I plan to release in August, so I'm right on schedule at about 50% completed.  I'm loving this story, mainly because of the hero and heroine.  Nicolai and Annelisa have blossomed so much more than I planned, and that's been very fulfilling.  I was telling my critique partner last night that I wrote myself into a corner yesterday afternoon.  It just happened, and before I knew it, corner city.  So I took a few minutes, tried not to sweat all over the paper (remember, I hand write everything), and let my mind go blank.  Then voila!  The end of that chapter came to me.  I loved what came out too.  I got to include a little historical info, a little humor, and a little more fleshing out of each character's personality.  If it hadn't been in the mid 90s and I thought I wouldn't overheat, I would've done the happy dance.  :)

On the typing/editing front, Love's Master is officially begun, and I'm almost 10% of the way into it.  I wanted to get more done, but it's just been too hot to sit and type.  It must get done if I'm to have it to the critique partner and beta readers by the beginning of July, so it will.  The cover for this novella should be ready any time now too.

Concerning promotion, I've been working like a fiend getting myself out there.  You'd have to really know me to know I'm not an out there kind of person.  While others may love the limelight, I prefer the sidelines.  I wouldn't say I'm shy, but I do tend to be a bit of an introvert, so putting myself out there is a bit of a stretch for me.  I'm looking forward to the book tour for Vampire Dreams that begins on June 13.  And I was fortunate enough to win a new release party through Goddess Fish Promotions for next Monday, June 6.  For a run down of all my hard work on promotion, check out my Upcoming Appearances page.  This girl's been busy! 

I also created a book trailer for Stolen Destiny and submitted it to YouTube and a few other places online.  What a hoot that was to do!  Now officially the good stuff goes writing, cover art process, book trailer creation.  I'd been working on it for a while, but with the release of Stolen Destiny just 29 days away, I wanted to get it out there. 

Finally, Vampire Dreams is up on Smashwords, a few days before its official release date of June 10.  Over the Memorial Day weekend, before it got sweltering hot, I decided to dip my big toe into the Smashwords how-to manual and before I knew it, I had uploaded the book and the meatgrinder thing was doing its magic.  It was relatively easy but odious work with all that formatting business, but the dear AutoVetter says I have no errors and it was sent off to wherever it gets sent to get ready for its next step.  I have to say that when I saw my book in Adobe Digital Editions, I was thrilled.  I used to read books on that before getting my Kindle, and there was little ole me and my novella on the screen.  Very cool.  :D 

I formatted it for Amazon, which was much easier than Smashwords, and it's ready to go for the June 10 release.  I have to tackle a few other outlets, and then that work will be done.  And possibly the best news of all this week was a fantastic review of Vampire Dreams that included the words, "I highly recommend this fabulous read. It was hot, delicious and yummy-romantic wrapped in fangliscious sexyiness." 

I hope your week was as productive and wonderful.  To check out the other ROW 80 participants, click HERE.  Have a great one!


Vicki Keire said...

A huge congratulations on your upcoming and current releases! Your books look really interesting. I'm off to check them out immediately. Your website, btw, is luscious.

Gabrielle said...

Thank you so much, Vicki!

Claudia Lefeve said...

You've gotten so much done! And I hear ya on the whole promotion thing. Something I'm not looking forward to!

Gabrielle said...

Thanks Claudia! And as for the promotion thing. I definitely know why people hire publicists now. LOL

C.Farrell said...

Yay on hitting your goal, and best of luck with the upcoming releases. It's always nice when you enjoy your characters, it makes spending editing time with them so much easier. ;)

Nadja Notariani said...

I'm so happy for you! All the hard work is paying off.
I'm also not too upset that I now know someone who has gone through the whole formatting process. I'll pick your brain and beg for help if frustration overwhelms.
As for the heat, yes, it is definately too hot to be sitting in front of the computer, typing. Yet, here I am..... but not for long. I think whatever the boys have has made its way to me. Nadja is not a happy camper.

Kate said...

How come everybody gets heat but me? I live in California, for heaven's sake!!! Argh!

I know from past experience how GREAT it is to have a finished product under your belt and ready for readers. Good luck.

I hate promoting, marketing, selling. I just want to write and be read. Really a total introvert over here. Probably why I wanted to be a programmer. hahaha

Gabrielle said...

It must be global warming, Kate. They kept telling us everything would be different. Now sunny CA isn't as hot as NEPA. Go figure. And I'm with you on the writing and reading. That's the fantasy of so many of us, isn't it? LOL

Andrew said...

Lots a cool stuff happening for you. Congrats and much success.

Gabrielle said...

Thanks Andrew! :)