Gabrielle Bisset

Upcoming Appearances

This is the page where you can find out all the places I'll be for interviews, character interviews, guest blog posts, giveaways, etc., in addition to dates for book releases.  Be sure to check out the wonderful blogs I'll be visiting.

April 2012
April 4-Twenty Questions at Elizabeth Morgan's blog
April 23: The Forbidden Bookshelf
April 24:
Romancing the Book
April 25:
The ParaNormal Romance Party
April 26:
Black Velvet Seductions Blog
April 26: Dawn's Reading Nook
April 27: Cocktails and Books

April 30: Words of Wisdom from The Scarf Princess
April 30: Delighted Reader Book Reviews

May 2012

May 2: Ramblings From This Chick
May 3: Erotica for All
May 3: For The Love of Reading
May 4: Reading Romances
May 5-Guest at Josee Renard's blog
May 6-Guest at Happily Ever After Thoughts
May 9-Guest at Avril Ashton's blog
May 24-Blood Betrayed release

January 2012
January 2-Realmantic Moments
January 2-Spicy Romance
January 3-6-Blood Avenged Event at Riverina Romantics
January 5- Guest post at Tam Quijas' blog
January 10-Fangtastic Books
January 13-Interview and Giveaway at Queentutt's World of Escapism
January 24-Paranormal Freebies

February 2012
February 7-Lacey Wolfe's blog

February 10-Interview at Carrie Ann Ryan's blog
February 17-Erotica For All
February 25-Laurie's Interviews, Promos, and Reviews
February 28-Cassandra Carr's blog

March 2012
March 5
-Ginger Simpson's blog
March 5-Menagerie Authors Interview
March 9-Author Spotlight at Kenra Daniels' blog
March 12-RomCon Paranormal Blog
March 22-Interview at Shannan Albright's blog
March 26-30-Destiny Redeemed Book Tour
March 30-Interview at Tracey Kitt's blog

Past Appearances
June 2011
June 26-Character Interview with Varek from Stolen Destiny at Rochelle Weber's blog
June 27-Interview at Becky Clark's blog
June 29-Stolen Destiny release; guest blogging and giveaway at Coffee and Romance Blog

July 2011
July 1-Guest blogging at Lindsay Below's blog
July 4-10-Skyrockets in Flight 4th of July Giveaway Hop
July 5-Character Interview with Vasilije from Vampire Dreams at Karenna Colcroft's blog
July 6-Guest blogging at Shannon Leigh's blog
July 8-Character Interview with Amon at Harris Channing's blog
July 11-Love's Master release
July 11
-Featured Author at Danielle Ravencraft's blog
July 12-Guest blogging and giveaway at The Enchanted Book
July 13-Guest blogging at Erin O'Riordan's blog
July 14-Guest blogging at Talina Perkins's blog, Bookin' It
July 15-Guest blogging at Brazen Broads Book Bash
July 18-Guest blogging at Katie Salidas's blog, Written In Blood
July 20-Guest blogging and giveaway at Joanne Troppello's blog
July 25-Author's Day at KMN Books Blogspot
July 27-Guest Blogging at TRS Romance Blog
July 31-LASR/WC 4th Anniversary Blog Fest

August 2011
August 1
- Guest blogging at Shannon Leigh's blog
August 2-Guest blogging at Elaina Lee's blog (the super cover artist who does my covers)
August 3- Excerpt and blurb at Elaina Lee's blog
August 3-Interview at Blak Rayne's blog
August 4-Guest blogging at Shah Wharton's blog
August 9-Adults Ahoy!at Mind Reader
August 10-Guest at Starla Kaye's blog
August 13-Character Interview with Kadar from Love's Master at The Enchanted Book
August 14-Guest at Sex Marks The G-Spot
August 15-Guest at Sex Marks The G-Spot (Character interview with Varek, Callia, and Amon)
August 23-Interview at Whipped Cream
August 24-Guest blogging at Felicity Heaton's blog
August 24- Author chat at Whipped Cream Yahoo group
August 25-Masquerade release
August 26-Interview at Karenna Colcroft's blog
August 26-UF/Paranormal Event at Bitten By Paranormal Romance
August 26-Interview at Madame D.'s Boudoir

September 2011
September 9-Guest blogging at Whipped Cream blog
September 12-Interview at Bookin' It
September 15-Guest post and giveaway at Gillian Colbert's blog, Black Door Press
September 15-18-18 and Over Book Blogger Giveaway Hop
September 16-23-Small Blogs, Big Giveaways (featured author)
September 18-Guest Author at Erotic Romance Weekend
Masquerade Ebook Tour-September 19-27
September 19 - Kay Dee Royal
September 21Release Notes
September 22 - Romancing the Book
September 22-Interview at Jenn Nixon's blog
September 23 - Pimpin’ Reads 
September 25-Stolen Destiny Book Trailer up at Menagerie Authors
September 26-Interview at Menagerie Authors
September 26 - Erotica for All
September 27 - Reading Romances
September 28-Coffee Beans and Love Scenes

October 13-Destiny Redeemed release
October 13-Interview at Raine Delight's blog
October 17-Interview at Vampire Books
October 17-21-Tonya Kinzer's Blog
October 18-Guest post at Labelle Books
October 21-Guest blogging at Tony-Paul de Vissage's blog
October 25-Paranormal Romance Characterfest 2011 (Vasilije interview and giveaway)
October 27-30-Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Vampire Ball, New Orleans, LA
October 28-Authors Promoting Authors Six-Of-A-Story

November 2011
Destiny Redeemed Book Tour with Bewitching Books (click for dates and locations)
October 31-November 4-
Author of The Week at Full Moon Bites
November 4-Interview at C.R. Moss's blog

November 8-Guest blogging at The Romance Reviews Blog
November 9-Guest author at Dawn Roberto's blog
November 23-Guest post at Madame D's Boudoir

December 2011
December 14-Blood Avenged release
December 15-Vasilije interview at Cynthia Arsuaga's blog
December 16-Bookin' It Reviews Christmas Book Bash
December 18-Pimpin' Books
December 19-The Enchanted Book
December 21-All day chat at Beth Wylde's Yahoo Group along with Natasha Blackthorne, Gale Stanley, and Karen Mercury
December 22-Guest blogging at Authors By Moonlight
December 29-Ruth A. Casie's blog