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Friday, July 22, 2011

Cover Me

Now that I'm in air conditioned splendor, thanks to my two new air conditioners, I've been able to get back to searching for an image to represent Amon from Destiny Redeemed.  I've spent days and days, most of them seriously sweaty, looking for an image for my cover for that book with no luck.  The problem seems to be that unlike in real life, there are very few appealing blond men to purchase from these image sites, and the ones that are attractive are all doing something goofy. 

Amon is 6'6", has pale blond hair, blue eyes, and is built like a brick shithouse.  (For those of you who don't get my local lingo, he's very well-built.) And for those of you who've read Stolen Destiny, he's spent time in Nil. It changes a man. :)

A good way to describe him in Destiny Redeemed is he's a cross between the body type of the new James Bond and the size of the actor who plays Eric Northman on True Blood.  Or in some ways, think of the image of the lead singer from Stone Temple Pilots in the video for Sex Type Thing. (I fell in love with the band because of how much I liked the way Scott Weiland looked in that video. Talk about mad, bad, and dangerous to know...and built, back before the drugs took sad when hot men fall apart)

Amon's smooth, icy, and often deadly.  This has proven to be an impossible thing to find in the images out there. 

I found an image of his love interest, Thea, in no time.  But finding Amon has been a chore, to say the least.  The problem is that I'm very particular (just ask Elaina, God bless her!) and as he's my favorite character I've ever written, the image has to be right.  I accept that I won't be able to find exactly him, but I need to feel I've come close enough. 

So the search goes on...

In other cover news, one of the people who follows me on Twitter has a fantastic new cover that I just have to share.  It's delish!  Michelle McCleod's new book, Love Potions, has a cover I just adore.  I'm not usually a hot pink girl, but this cover jumped right off the page for me.  Michelle tells me she got hers done at  Congrats, Michelle!  It's beautiful! 


Michelle McCleod said...

Thank you and thanks for mentioning it in your blog post.

Good luck on finding the right guy. I had a terrible time too and it really does take hours of scrolling through images. (Personally I think the search function on those stock photos sites is kind of weak which makes it harder.)


Gabrielle said...

No problem, Michelle. Happy to do it! And as for the search functions, I'm in total agreement. They're a pain!

Nikki said...

LOL!! From that vantage point it looks a lot like Eric!

Bree said...

Good luck in your search!

Gabrielle said...

Thanks! I actually found him later last night, so now I can't wait to see what he looks like on the cover.

Rachel Cotterill said...

Covers are hard work!!

Gabrielle said...

I don't actually make my covers, so I think Elaina has the harder job, but finding just what I want (and I'm very particular) is hard because those image sites and I don't think the same way. LOL