Gabrielle Bisset

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Is It Possible Summer Is Halfway Gone??

Please tell me summer isn't halfway over already.  Just the thought depresses me.  I remember as a child my birthday was a very big deal because I shared a birthday with my father and my mother's only sibling had his birthday on the 5th of July.  We would have a huge party right around the 4th of July for all of us.  I swear I thought fireworks were for the three of us until I was about eight years old! 

Now that I'm an adult, my birthday is less about celebrating (although I still say I have a birth week, a throwback to my childhood).  Now, when my birthday comes around, it's a sly reminder that summer is flying by and I'll be back to work at the day job in less than two months.  I know.  You aren't crying for me.  I get that.  :)

To celebrate my birthday and the wonderful times of summer, I went big for the Skyrockets in Flight Giveaway Hop.  If you haven't entered, check it out.  In addition, I received my first review for Stolen Destiny Sunday night.  Lady Raven raves gave it 5 stars at Goodreads. Worth a look! 

I'm over at Karenna Colcroft's blog with Vasilije from Vampire Dreams doing an interview today.  He's always interesting, so check that out.  I give a little hint about his upcoming book in our talk too. ;)

After visiting those fabulous links, get out there and enjoy the wonderful summer we've got before it fades away to dried up leaves and sweater weather.  Find a shady place, grab a decadent summer read and your favorite drink, and thank the sun for doing its job and keeping us all toasty.  :)