Gabrielle Bisset

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Stuff

I couldn't think of a clever title for today's post, so stuff it is.  I'm still reeling from how bad True Blood was last night--well, the first 45 minutes of it.  I posted this on Facebook, but somebody needs to tell Alan Ball why people watch that show.  First, the show begins with Sam's crazy meth family and while I don't have a problem with what happened to the two-thirds that left the show last night, are the creators of that show kidding?  And then how much Tara do I need to see before I can ask for a reprieve?  What a crybaby! And her mother is back??!!!  And Arlene and Terry with some kind of hillbilly exorcism?  Actually, I like Terry, but Arlene?

Where was Alcide? And why when he was talking to that disgusting man did he have clothes on?  FYI, True Blood people:  Alcide should always be at LEAST naked from the waist up or getting naked at some point in the scene.  And he needs to be in far more scenes. 

And Eric?  I'm not sure I like the crying, boo-hoo Eric.  Eric was fantastic until now because he was ice cold and manipulative.  It's what put the spark between him and Sookie.  Now he's crying because he had a bad dream?  Hell, even Bill wasn't this bad at his worst.  It's not enough to see Eric walk around without a shirt on either. His body isn't that good since Alcide came to town shirtless, so Eric needs to be more of his sexy self and less this lost puppy he's turned into.  Bearing his fangs at Tara doesn't count.  That's just a tease of what I wish would truly happen to her.

Bill has been more manly than Eric this season, and since I can deal with Bill either way, I'm good with him, but more of him would be better too.  Who wants to see any of the Merlotte dysfunctional family, Arlene and Terry with Damian baby, or Tara and her mother?  And now we need more characters (Jesus's grandfather) to take away from the core story?  Ugh!

Time to find my happy place.  Think naked Alcide...naked Eric...ok, all better. 

I'm writing posts and interviews like a madwoman to be sure that by the time August begins, I am completely clear for the month since I'm going on vacation.  I can't wait!  But until the end of this week, I'm busy, busy, busy. 

And I found my Amon for the cover of Destiny Redeemed!  :D  I swear those image sites are hiding the good stuff.  After days and days of searching (I'm not kidding.  We're talking double digit hours here), I found him in somebody's lightbox of the hottest men or something like that.  I saw that title and figured it was worth a shot.  Now Elaina has him and I hope to see what she comes up with any time now.  Since you just read about my definite preferences in men above, expect something like them. (Think great abs)

Finally, I'm over at KMN Books today being interviewed about Stolen Destiny and talking about the three main characters, Varek, Callia, and Amon, so check it out!  I'm off to write more posts and run errands.  Have a great one!