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Monday, July 11, 2011

Here and There and Love's Master Live

It's Monday again, and although I usually don't like the first day of the workweek, this Monday I have reason to celebrate.  I woke up this morning and found Love's Master for sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble...and had already sold copies of it!  What a wonderful way to start a week!

Love's Master is the second novella in the erotic romance trilogy set in Victorian England.  While Vampire Dreams is a paranormal, this is more historical with a little twist-some light BDSM (nothing too deep, just some spanking, whipping, and blindfold action).  It's also much longer, at over 27,000 words compared to the 17,000 for Vampire Dreams

The idea for Love's Master came from a column that ran in the Times of London for years in the 1800s called the Agony Column.  If you've ever read any of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, you know what I'm referring to. Each morning, Holmes would comb the Agony Column for clues to cases.  All sorts of notices would be posted in the column, such as messages to secret lovers, posts to inform people of events, and even employment ads.  Often the notices were written in code or a foreign language, like German, French, and even Latin. 

I ran across the Agony Column online one day a while back and as I read through the years of notices, one jumped out at me.  I had been reading a lot of BDSM stories and when I saw a post that said,
S.B. “is a STRICT Disciplinarian, and not afraid of a rather unruly Pupil" I immediately thought that this would be a great idea for a follow up story in what was quickly shaping up to be a trilogy of erotic romance novellas set in Victorian times. 

I had so much fun writing Love's Master, and much of that enjoyment came from the research I did.  Everything from foods found in Victorian England and Afghanistan to BDSM information was researched, in addition to the basic information that is needed to write about the past. 

To buy it, check out Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  I plan to have it up at Smashwords soon, along with All Romance eBooks too. 

In addition to the good news about Love's Master, I'm over at Danielle Ravencraft's blog, Ravencraft's Romance Realm, today talking about all three of my books out now.  Check that out and possibly for the first time, my picture is posted. (Let's hope none of my students see it. Now that's an office visit discussion I don't want to have!)

I'm also at Harris Channing's blog with an interview with Amon, the sexy bad boy from Stolen Destiny, so check that out too.  And have a fantastic summer day!


Bree said...

Sounds like a great book. Congrats!

Gabrielle said...

Thanks Bree! :)

Pam Asberry said...

Sounds like the perfect antidote to a sleepless night, and I have plenty of those - sigh. Congratulations and continued success!