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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wicked After Dark

Welcome to my stop on the Wicked After Dark Giveaway Hop! Thanks to the hosts Nikki at Close Encounters with the Night Kind and fellow author Natasha Blackthorne for setting this sexy blog hop up!

Who doesn't like the thought of being wicked? C'mon. You know you do. We spend all our days stuck in the house, taking care of our kids, or in some day job, but when the sun goes down, don't you just want to do something wild and wicked?

Since I tend to spend my time writing vampires, I at least get to live vicariously through them and their delicious wickedness. With that spirit in mind, I'm giving away an ebook copy of the second book in my Sons of Navarus series, Blood Betrayed. If you've read Book #1 (which you should before reading the second book in the series), you know the Sons can be very noble and wonderful, but each one has a darkness about him that's just oh so sexy. Book #2's hero, Saint, is dark and brooding and definitely wicked in his own way. Here's a taste of him (not appropriate for work!):

"Solenne," he said almost in a whisper to not startle her, but it didn't work. She spun around with her arms covering her full breasts that strained against the thin fabric of her tank top, but she couldn't cover the bruises along her collarbone and across her shoulders.
Obviously inflicted that night, their redness had begun to fade to a deep purple where fingers had pressed roughly into her tender skin. Solenne saw the look of shock he didn't try to hide from his eyes and scrambled to grab a shirt from the back of a nearby chair.
"What is this?"
"Nothing. Just leave it be."
Saint took the shirt from her hand and threw it on the bed. "No." Dipping his head, he softly pressed his lips to the darkest bruise on her left shoulder. Fucking Archon!
Gingerly, he ran his fingers over her skin, gently touching each bruise before raising his head to look at her.  "Solenne, I promise you here and now I'm going to kill the one who did this. I'll drain him drop by drop until he begs for the release a stake will bring."
Eyes wide with tears looked up at him, their blue color pale and watery. "Saint, don't touch me like this if you don't mean it."
He meant it. He'd meant it in every dream he'd had of finally returning to her. Taking her face in his hands, he kissed her long and deep, drinking in the delicious taste of the lips he'd missed for so long.
God, he'd yearned to once again feel the touch of her skin next to his! Year upon year of lonely nights interrupted only by pale replacements ebbed from his memory now as his hands once again learned of the woman he'd always loved.
Solenne molded to him, setting his senses ablaze. His body craved to join with her, to finally reclaim that piece of his heart lost so painfully nearly a century ago. He slid his hands under her shirt to her breasts and worshipped them—their fullness in his palms, their deep pink tips pebbled from desire that begged for his mouth's attention.
Taking her hand, he led her to the shower. "Don't move." A quick twist of the faucet handle and warm water streamed down from the showerhead.
"Do I look like I need a shower?" she asked in a teasing tone as he slipped the tank top over her head.
Saint looked down at her sexy mouth as he slid his thumbs under the waist of her shorts. "Always fighting me."
Crouching in front of her, he slid the shorts down her legs and off her feet. Eye level with her pussy, he looked up and licked his lips. "I hope you don't plan on fighting me now."
He didn't wait for a reply before he drew his finger up her wet slit. Solenne's eyebrows knitted and she bit her lip. Her eyes slowly closed and tiny moans filled his ears.
"Don't close your eyes. Watch me."
Solenne obeyed and her eyes grew wide as he slid his thumbs through her delicate folds to open her up, unveiling to his eager eyes her excited clit. Saint inched closer to her soft skin and whispered against her, "I've waited so long for this."

Is it hot in here? Whew...okay, let's get down to the business of the giveaway. Do as many of the entries in the Rafflecopter, making sure you leave a comment below with your email address. The giveaway is open internationally, so everyone can enter. Good luck, and enjoy hopping around and being naughty!

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