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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hot in Handcuffs G!veaway H0p

Welcome to my stop on the Hot in Handcuffs Giveaway Hop! Yeah, we're liking the rough stuff on this one. ;) Not too rough, though, so don't worry. It's all good. And be sure to read about how to enter my month-long giveaway that's going on right now at the end of the post!

To celebrate the racy stuff, I'm giving away an ebook copy of my BDSM erotic romance, Love's Master, set in Victorian England. While I'm usually a paranormal romance author, I have been known to write a historical from time to time, but I like to add some heat to history. Here's a taste of the story to whet your appetite:

Standing up, he kissed her lips softly and quietly announced, “I want to see what you are under this pretty blue dress.”
He saw her stiffen in fear and whispered, “I would never hurt you, Lily. Trust me.”
“I do,” she said softly.
Kadar made swift work of her dress and undergarments and in seconds Lily stood before him naked. His breath caught in his chest, and he had to restrain himself from opening his trousers and pulling her down on his lap to bury himself as deeply as possible inside her.
Astonished by her beauty, he muttered “lovely” as he softly kissed her, explaining, “I’m going to bind your wrists together. Hold your arms out in front of you.”
Taking the ropes from her, he expertly wrapped them around her wrists, making sure she wasn’t hurt. Restrained, she was forbidden from holding him.
Slowly, he lowered himself to sit on the edge of the couch and pulled her to him. Unable to hold back any longer, he took a nipple in his mouth and gently sucked, feeling the tender skin harden into a peaked point against the flick of his tongue.
Pulling away, he looked up into her face now full of desire. “Beautiful Lily.”
He moved to the other one and began giving his attention to it, eliciting a soft moan from her. Just as with the other nipple, it grew hard in his mouth and he tenderly fastened his teeth to bite down, knowing he had to take care not to frighten her.
Cupping her full breast, he latched on and softly bit her nipple as he gently squeezed the supple skin around it.
Looking up, he saw a frown on her face. “What did you say?”
“That hurt, Kadar.”
He slowly stood and stroked her face. “You told me you wanted to submit to me, Lily. Do you?”
Nodding, she bit her lower lip nervously, and he knew she feared she’d done something to displease him.
“It’s all right. But you will have to be punished now.”
Instantly, he saw a look of terror cross her features. How wide her beautiful green eyes must have been when she heard she was to be punished!
“Please, no, Kadar.”
Cradling her face in his hands, he felt emotion tug at him. Most of the time when he announced to a woman that he intended to punish her, he had to fight to ensure he was seated before they flung themselves across his lap. Lily simply stood trembling in front of him.
“I promise it won’t hurt for long, love.”

To enter, just leave a comment below with your email address. The hop runs from October 10 through October 15, 2012, and it's open internationally. And for a chance to win  $10 and $50 Amazon gift cards, along with weekly prizes, be sure to enter my Paranormal Fall Fling before you go. It's also open internationally.


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I love Victorian England and I like it rough, this book is for me! Thanks for the giveaway.

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Gabrielle Bisset said...

Congratulations to Yvette, who was the winner of the ebook copy of Love's Master! Thanks to everyone who came by and entered!