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Monday, October 22, 2012

My Hero Interviews Me

Today's stop on the Paranormal Fall Fling didn't post, so I'm posting it right here on my blog. Today's the last day to enter for the weekly prize, a Sons of Navarus travel mug, so be sure to read at the end of the post how to get your name in the running!

For a change today, I'm going to be interviewed by one of my characters instead of interviewing him. Let's hope Terek goes easy on me.

Terek: (winks) So I'm the first to do this with you, Gabrielle?

Gabrielle:  You are. If it goes well, maybe this will be a trend.

Terek:  I hope you don't mind, but I asked Ilona and a few of the Sons for questions to ask you, so they'll be thrown in there too. Ready?

Gabrielle:  You don't give a woman much of a chance, do you?

Terek:  (smiles) You know me too well. Shall we begin?

Gabrielle: (nervously) Okay.

Terek:  Let's begin with why you chose to tell our story.

Gabrielle:  That's an easy one. I met Vasilije and it only took about five minutes of knowing him that I wanted to find out more.

Terek: (raises one eyebrow) I see you're a Vasilije woman? Hmmm...

Gabrielle: (blushes) I wouldn't say that. You know I love all of you.

Terek: Something tells me Vasilije knew the answer to that question when he told me to ask it. Onto the next one. This is from Ilona. How do you determine what stays in the story and what is left out?

Gabrielle: You all tell me your stories, and I have to decide what will be good for readers to get the overall idea of the series. For example, I decided to not include anything about when you were turned by Amir in Blood Spirit because it didn't seem to fit with the rest of the story. I have the information and may include it in the future, but for Blood Spirit it just wasn't right.

Terek: Interesting. Maybe you can use that for the free short stories you've begun for the series.

Gabrielle:  I was thinking the same thing. Great minds think alike.

Terek: They do. Here's a question I've had since meeting you. What makes you love vampires like us?

Gabrielle: (smiles)  How could I not love you guys?  You're sexy, smart, and brave, and each one of you is different. All together, the eight of you represent a man for every taste. But I love the way you're all so passionate about your lives and the war with the Archons. I respect that.

Terek:  Now for a serious question. Do the readers know you don't know how the civil war ends?

Gabrielle:  (chuckles) I think they do now. But seriously, I think they enjoy finding out about not only the romances but the fight between the Sons and the Archons. I know I do.

Terek:  Here's one last question: what should readers be looking forward to in the future with your series on us?

Gabrielle: Your story, Blood Spirit, is out now, and I'll be writing short stories related to all of you in the future. A short with Vasilije and Sasa is scheduled for release on my website and blog in early October, and tentatively I've planned to let readers know more about Saint and Solenne's early days and a little background on Thane before the end of this year, assuming nothing comes up. And then Ramiel's book, Blood Prophecy, will come next, hopefully by the beginning of 2013.

Terek:  Sounds good. So how was your first interview with one of us?

Gabrielle:  Pretty good, but I know you. You're just that kind of guy. Now Vasilije or Ramiel? This would have been a much different experience with them. Might have involved biting.

Terek: (winks) Ah, I see. We could have done it that way too.

Here's a taste of Terek in Blood Spirit (Sons of Navarus #3):

Terek held his wrist to her lips and waited for a sign that he hadn't been too late. Seconds grew to minutes but finally she opened her eyes and looked up at him in the darkness. As a new vampire, she wouldn't be able to see him, but he saw her.
"Remain still."
Reaching for a match, he lit a candle on the nightstand next to the bed. In the pale light, he was struck by the frightened look on her face, and he reached out to tenderly caress her cheek, as any good sire would for one of his vampires.
"Where am I?" she asked as she flinched from his touch.
"My home. What's your name?"
"Am I still in Cocentaina?" she asked as she sat up quickly, immediately falling back onto the bed.
"Remain still. You're not ready to move yet. What's your name?"
For the second time, she didn't answer his question, and Terek wondered if she could be in shock from the attack. He didn't want to upset her, but he needed to know her name. Carefully, he listened to her thoughts but heard nothing.
Finally, she whispered, "Ilona."
"Ilona, I'm Terek. Do you remember what happened?"
Brown eyes stared up at him, wide with fear as tears welled up in them. "No...yes..." Her hand reached for her neck. "What did you do to me?"
She attempted to roll away from him, but Terek held her fast to the bed. Eyes that had just been so full of fear flashed rage at him. "Let go of me! What have you done to me?"
Never before had one of his vampires looked at him as if he were a villain. "I've done nothing to harm you. You asked for my help, and I gave it willingly."
"You've made me a monster."
"No, not a monster. Vampire."
Tears rolled down her cheeks as Ilona sobbed uncontrollably. "Vampire! No!"
Terek brought his wrist to his mouth and pierced his skin. Holding his arm near her mouth, he watched her anger turn again to horror. "Ilona, take from me. This is who you are."
Closing her eyes, she shook her head.
"I may not have chosen you, but I'm your sire now. I won't let anything or anyone harm you, Ilona. I promise."

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Gayle Latreille said...

Wow, another hot one with our beloved Terek!!! Great job, loved it!


Tina said...

Love interview that is terek interviewing you Gabrielle awesome that's for sure.

renee said...

Great interview Gabrielle. I love these interviews where the character interviews the author. It gives us so much more insight into the stories and how they came about. Thank you!

Margie Brown said...

OMG Gabrielle i loved Terek's interview with you...He had some really good questions. When you told him the story started with Vasilije, Terek asked if you were a Vasilije woman, and you said no that you loved them all...I laughed to myself when he said Vasilije knew the answer when he asked the question...Loved it and can't wait for Vasilije interview with you.

laurie said...

wonderful interveiw! loved it

Margie subia said...

i loved, did i say loved tarek's interview with you, hope you do more like these margie subia

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Not only do I love this series and the Son's but I loved the interview.

Also thank you for the chance to win :)

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I really enjoyed this interview. I can't wait to read this book and thanks for the giveaway!!!

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Wow Terek..... I haven't read the book, but the interview is very tempting me want to know story about terek.
Thank you for the giveaway

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Love this interview Gabrielle!! Looking forward for more like it (hopefully)

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hot, Hot, HOT! The cover on the book is awesome too!

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Interesting interview...hehehe!

Thanks for the opportunity!

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