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Monday, October 1, 2012

Paranormal Fall Fling-Week 2

Hi everyone and welcome to the beginning of October!  The Paranormal Fall Fling is still going strong, and if you haven't entered yet for Week One's prize, be sure to make a comment over at the Fling page to be in the running for the Blood and Dreams eBook Box Set I'm giving away tonight! And while you're there, check out the Rafflecopter for all the chances you can get to win the grand prizes at the end of the Fling.

I'm over at author Elizabeth Morgan's blog today doing the Twenty Questions thing with her. Elizabeth asks some great ones, so be sure to stop over and check it out.

And tomorrow I'll be at the great blog I Smell Sheep (love that name!) with a Terek recipe for the Alpha Male Diner. I've done recipes for Vasilije and Saint, so be sure to check that out. And I'll be at Riverina Romantics...well, more accurately, Terek is there tomorrow giving readers a little insight into the kind of man he is. Don't miss it!

Happy Monday all!


julie beasley said...

enjoying the fling Gabrielle. im really going to love more of terek this week cant wait, for what hes got to say

laurie said...

i am also enjoying the fling as well

Maggie Lauture said...

Enjoying the Paranormal Fall Fling!!! I hope I win a prize!!!! :)))

Teresa K. said...

I'm coming in late Gabrielle,

But at least I made it. I can't wait to see some of the recipes for your characters.

Thanks for the Fall Fling Blog Hop.

Teresa K.