Gabrielle Bisset

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Tidbits: #iamwriting, #iamediting, and a new publishing gig

So how is everyone doing today?  I'm in the last days of the semester, and the four month summer vacation is calling my name, so I am feeling fine! :)

Blood Betrayed is nearly done with the editor and will be back in my hands within a week.  I'm looking forward to getting back into Saint and Solenne's story.  Since I've been away from it, I've had a few ideas crop up in my mind about little things I want to tweak.  I guess I'm strange, but I like the editing part of the process.  Stepping back from a project and coming at it again anew is always a good feeling.

The third book in the Sons of Navarus series, Blood Spirit, is just at its beginning, but I'm enjoying the writing a great deal.  Terek is a former monk, so he's a character whose sense of commitment and devotion runs deeper than other characters I've written before.  Add to that the influence his sire, a Muslim trader, had on him when he was made vampire in the mid-1300s and Terek is a very interesting man.  This book is coming together well, so here's to a great summer of writing and editing so it can be ready this fall!

Speaking of the Sons, have you stopped over and liked their Facebook page yet?  I'm busy building it up, but there's some history of how my vampires came to be there, along with the yummy covers for the first three books.  Stop over at and give those incredible men a like. ;)

And I've been keeping secrets from everyone. A while back I agreed to be the columns editor for the BTS eMag.  I've been editing for years, so I thought I'd give this new gig a try.  The first edition of the eMag is out today, so jump on over there and take a look.

Also, my blog and website are getting makeovers, so look for the new digs soon.  I've gone a little darker and sexier. ;) I figured since I'm all in with these sexy vampire men for a series, I might as well make them feel at home.

Have a terrific Wednesday!