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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4 Stars For Blood Avenged at RT

Blood Avenged's book tour continues at The ParaNormal Romance Party, a perfect place to be today since I found out yesterday that Romantic Times reviewed Blood Avenged and gave it four stars! Here's the review:

Bisset introduces the Sons of Navarus and sets up a sequel in her take on the vampire legend. Dark, mysterious and sometimes violent, this sexy tale uses New Orleans and a taste of voodoo as a backdrop. It will capture your imagination from the first paragraph.

Summary - When ancient vampire Vasilije turns Alex, he's unaware he's unlocking a 400-year-old wound. Alex is connected to an evil vampire who staked Vasilije's sire, Tatiana, who hatches a plot to eliminate Vasilije as well. Sasa, an empath whose mother is dying, makes a deal with Tatiana to save her life in exchange for spying on Vasilije. Neither of them bargains for Sasa falling in love with Vasilije. Powers at work behind the scenes could destroy them all.

Donna M. Brown

The takeaway line for me is "It will capture your imagination from the first paragraph."  Love that!  As an author, if you can make the reader interested from the first paragraph, you're doing something right.

While the 4 star review is very nice, what pleases me most is that this may introduce Blood Avenged and the Sons of Navarus series to a wider audience that I haven't reached as of yet.  That puts a huge smile on my face.

I hope you'll stop over at The ParaNormal Romance Party, where I'm chatting about the writing process.  (I swear it's more interesting than it sounds.) And feel free to ask me some questions about the book and the series...and those delicious vampire males. Hope to see you there!


Savannah Chase said...

Huge congrats...I got the magazine a few days ago and had seen it..Huge huge congrats..