Gabrielle Bisset

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Samhain!

It's October 31, and to pagans of all varieties, it's the day the veil between the spirit world and the living world is the thinnest.  Samhain is also the new year for wiccans, so enjoy the day, whatever you choose to celebrate!  I'm just back from New Orleans, and all I can say is wow...I'm going with the plan of what happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans.  ;)  I don't know if I have anything left in me to celebrate today, but I'm going to try.

I did get some fantastic research done for the settings that will appear in Blood Avenged, and I even got half a chapter written on the plane ride home.  I'm multi-tasking, baby! 

The Bewitching Trick or Treat Hop is still going on through today, so leave a comment and do as many extra entries as you'd like for a chance to win Destiny Redeemed, Vampire Dreams, and swag prizes.  

While I was away, Authors Promoting Authors ran a Six of A Story interview with me about Vampire Dreams (perfect for Halloween if you like sexy instead of scary), and then it appeared in The Romance Book Club Daily and The Erotic Fantasy Gazette.  Check both out for some interesting articles and info on romance and erotica books.

Tomorrow begins the month long book tour for Destiny Redeemed, and I can't wait.  I'll be posting each day about where I am and what's new with the tour, so look for that.  And I'm one of the featured interviews in November at The Romance Reviews, so keep an eye out for that and TRR's Year End Splash event happening all month. It should be great fun!

And last, but not least, this weekend was an important one for me because I reached my 10,000th sale sometime Sunday.  I can't thank enough the readers and bloggers who have supported me this year.  That I was able to reach this milestone in just five months since the release of my first book is just incredible to me as an indie author, and all I can say is thanks and stick around because I'm just getting started. 

Have a wonderful day everyone!