Gabrielle Bisset

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vampire Tuesday

Today, my interview with Vasilije is up at Bitten By Paranormal Romance, so stop over and give him a little love and comment. I've been spending a lot of time with that vampire and his book, so I thought I'd share him with the world for a bit today. He always steals the show, so expect him to be quite the interviewee over there.

I've also begun packing for my trip to New Orleans and The Theatre of The Vampires Ball.  I can't wait!  While in The Big Easy, I'll be doing research for setting info on Blood Avenged too, so the trip is going to be part work technically. *wink*  I wouldn't care if it were all work.  I just love the idea of New Orleans at Halloween.

Also, this coming weekend is the Bewitching Trick or Treat Blog Hop, so be sure to stop by for some treats (I promise, no tricks!)

Finally, Destiny Redeemed and I are featured in a new magazine, Supporting Authors One Read At A Time.  Check out page 19!  Have a great Tuesday!


Bree said...

I'm jealous about your going to NOLA!

Gabrielle said...

You're just a hop, skip, and a jump away from there in Biloxi. You should come on down!

shah wharton said...

Oh I'm jealous too - I love Blues music and jazz so always wanted to got there, but at this time of the years and to see the vampire show - GREEN? NEON Green headlights more like. Have a great time - Shah. X