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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Author Sherry James Guest Post

Thanks for having me today, Gabrielle! I’m thrilled to be here. Today I’m going to share a little bit of my romantic comedies.

Hot, sexy men in tool belts! Sounds like an appealing image to me. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind a sexy contractor coming to my house to do a little bit of remodeling. Having a set of six pack abs and a slew of rock hard muscles to look at each day while my house is under construction would make all the sheetrock dust and general upheaval worth it.

Well, if you’re with me and wouldn’t mind a handsome hunk, leather tool belt slung low on slim hips and an assortment of power tools at the ready, to remedy your¼umm, home improvement needs, then you might want to check out my fun romantic comedy series, Studs 4 Hire. The first two books, Woman On Top, and Woman In Charge are out now from Prairie Muse Publishing and can be found at your favorite online bookseller for just .99 cents.

The idea for the Studs 4 Hire series was partially inspired by my husband when he was working construction a number of years ago. While he was handling remodeling projects for others, I could only dream of that awesome master bedroom with a walk-in closet. Walk-in closet. What a novel, wonderful, delicious idea. Can you tell it’s still on my dream list?!

The other inspiration for the series was my memory of a popular Diet Coke commercial in the 1990’s that featured a sexy construction worker who always took a Diet Coke break at 11:30 AM. All the women in the nearby office building flocked to the windows as the hunk slipped off his well fitting T-shirt to enjoy that cool, refreshing beverage. The commercial was such a hit it even inspired a calendar for that year.

Studs 4 Hire is the brainchild of Sydnie Riley. Tired of chauvinistic men ruling the corporate world, and tired of women being duped by unscrupulous contractors, Sydnie asks her two college friends, Casey Burrows and Terri Alberry, to join her in a contracting business where the women are in charge and the men working for them are super hot! Come join Sydnie, Casey and Terri as they reunite and meet some sexy men and face one shenanigan after another along the way.

Here’s a taste!


He’s One Hot Carpenter Undercover . . .
Trevor is directed to go undercover at Studs for Hire as a carpenter. His mission–seduce Sydnie into unknowingly giving him ideas to launch the Venus Bra for one of the ad agency’s biggest clients, Stardust Lingerie. But how can he steal her advertising ideas and win her heart, too?

She's one feisty boss with something to prove . . .
Sydnie Riley is tired of men always being the boss. After she’s cheated out of a promotion at her advertising job by her sexy nemesis and almost lover, Trevor Vanden Bosch, she decides it’s time she take charge of her life and career. She ditches her male-dominated corporate job, bands together with two college friends, and creates Studs for Hire, a contracting firm loaded with sexy electricians, plumbers, and carpenters. As the brains behind Studs for Hire, Sydnie's ready to give the orders, not take them.


Has Elvis really left the building . . . or is his spirit playing matchmaker?
Alex Roy is used to building classy timber frame homes for the elite, but his last business association with a woman left him in debt and his heart in shreds. Is he so desperate to earn a paycheck and reclaim his business that he'll swallow his pride and design a shrine to the King of Rock 'n' Roll in a widow's mansion? And what about Casey Burrows, the woman who wants to hire him to do the job for the wealthy widow? Alex has an eye for good lines—and Casey's are curving in all the right places. But can he handle the job and walk away with his heart and reputation unscathed? Or will he end up as a permanent resident in Heartbreak Hotel?

How about you? Do you fantasies about sexy men and tool belts? I’d love to hear them. I still have Terri’s story to write and I’m always on the lookout for inspiration.

And if you love a fun, light read, I hope you’ll give my Studs 4 Hire series a try. Be sure and let me know what you think of the series. I love to hear from readers. And if you love cowboys, well, I can help you out there, too. Check out my web siteto find out more!


Julie Miller said...

Well, sexy men is one reason I like to watch HGTV. Scott McGillvray is a guilty pleasure--hot, knowledgeable about his work, and such a sweetie!

And readers--I heartily recommend the Studs 4 Hire series!! The characters are so rich, and I've laughed out loud reading them.

I'm still waiting for Alfred Mars's story, though... ;)

Sherry James said...

Ha! Julie! Who knew you had SUCH A guilty pleasure. ;-)

Thanks for the kudos on the Studs series. They are a lot of fun to write. As for Alfred getting his own story? Hmmm. Still thinking on that one. Terri has to come first, though.
Thanks for stopping by!