Gabrielle Bisset

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

It's the middle of the week and what a great day it is!  I'm in the middle of an incredibly easy week at work; I did a read-through of Blood Avenged last night and really like what I have so far (90 pages); and today is another stop on Masquerade's blog tour.  Today I'm over at Release Notes talking about how I wrote Masquerade, and Karen has given the book a wonderful review.  Definitely check it out! Thank you, Karen, for such lovely words about the story. :D

I'm looking forward to tonight because I plan to get some good writing time in on Blood Avenged.  Vasilije's story is shaping up nicely.  Now if only I could say the same thing about the cover.  I've found the perfect model (a little more built than I imagined the main character, but as perfect as it's going to get LOL), and now, if I could find the perfect image of large open gates, I'd be set.  That's easier said than done, though.  Each night I've been on those damned stock photo sites searching until my eyes are bugged out of my head, but not tonight.  No, tonight I need to get writing since I haven't done so since Sunday.  The gates will have to wait...

The plan is to have Blood Avenged to my editor and readers by Thanksgiving and ready for release by mid-December.  If I keep getting sidetracked, it's going to be a much tighter squeeze than already planned.  So tonight I begin real tail-feather-shaking time.  And no more slacking off on Saturdays either.  There was a time I would write 20-30 pages on a Saturday, but I haven't done that once in September.  Time to get back on track, girl.  No more going out or chatting with the girls on the phone for hours.

Here's to a great and productive Wednesday for everyone!


Bree said...

You sound busy!! I've been struggling with writer's block myself. Plus pure laziness. lol! I guess I'm going to let you be a good influence and get some writing done!!

Gabrielle said...

I get lazy too. And then the rest of life intrudes so often. But you'll break out of the block. Sometimes it's just a matter of a different perspective. :)