Gabrielle Bisset

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I've been watching the news for the past hour, mostly crying at the speeches the victims' families have been giving and remembering that day ten years ago.  I can still remember sitting in my living room in my old house watching the news that morning.  I saw the second plane fly into Tower 2, and I can still remember the stunned feeling I had thinking about all the people in those buildings. 

I remember the incredible silence from no airplanes flying overhead for days after 9-11.  It's strange, but that still sticks in my mind. 

Ten years have passed since that horrible day.  My son, who was just a five year old little boy, is now a fifteen year old sophomore in high school.  I think about all the children who look back on that day as the day they lost a parent.  Ten years have passed and the shock has worn off for me.  Now all that's left is sadness.