Gabrielle Bisset

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Little Happy Dance

I've been writing and editing all weekend, but I stopped for just a bit yesterday and found a link in my email to a review of Masquerade by author Lucy Felthouse on Blogcritics.  Among other praise, she called it, "A delicious read."  Thank you, Lucy!  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  Know what's even better than that?  The review ended up on the Seattle online newspaper Seattle PI.  Wow!  An even bigger thank you to Lucy!  Check her blog out here for more about her.

Joe Konrath had another great post up yesterday. In it, he argued about not caring what people think either way, good or bad.  Essentially, critics are everywhere and as quickly as some bring you up, others will bring you down.  I have to admit, for today, I'm doing a little happy dance, not so much about the review, which I love, but for the chance for people to find me.  I've worked very hard all summer to get myself out "there."  It doesn't happen overnight, so I've made it part of my goals as an author to promote my books well. 

The main problem is that I'm not a natural self-promoter, so at times it's difficult.  My friends and family thought I should title this post, "I'm Nationwide!", but for me, that seems too much.  I'm constantly worried about being too much in people's faces and much rather hang out on the sidelines and people watch.  That doesn't work when you want to get others to know your work, though, so even when I felt totally overexposed, I continued on. 

I'm happy I did. 

I'm off to get more of Amon's story edited and write more of Vasilije's, but for my friends and family, here's some ZZ Top. They're nationwide. ;)