Gabrielle Bisset

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Masquerade Tour Wraps Up And Reading Is Sexy

Masquerade's tour wraps up today at the wonderful Liz's Coffee Beans and Love Scenes blog. It has been a great tour, and I thank each blogger who hosted me for guest posts, interviews, and giveaways.  You're the best, ladies!

My editor sent me the picture below, and I think it's right on time.  Reading is sexy, and there's nothing better than a good looking AND intelligent man.  For me, all the great romance heroes I adore are more than hot; they're smart.  My favorite J.R. Ward character, Vishous, is hot not only because he's fine but because he's the most intelligent Brother. Alpha is great, but intelligent Alpha is even better.

And also from the editor, here's a little cartoon for all those souls who can't get a hold on the Oxford comma. If it didn't involve strippers, I'd show it to my students. Cheers!

Have a great day!