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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's New?

What's new with you out there in blogland? 

The weather here is all rain, rain, rain.  The first day of school for some students is cancelled because of flooding, and then I see someone I'm friends with on Facebook has lost her house to the wildfires. It's been a wild weather season. So many people are dealing with the effects of weather, and I hope things get better for them soon.

Personally, I hate rainy days, even though I tend to get so much more writing done on those days, as opposed to sunny days. It's odd because ordinarily I would say rain depresses me, but when it comes to writing, that's not the case.  But I have to go to work today, so the rain is doing its depressing job right now. 

I went to see Apollo 18 the other night, which was just odd.  I don't know if I'd say it was horrible, but it wasn't my type of movie. I'm not someone who tends to see a lot of movies, but this is the second one in as many weeks.  Last week I saw Fright Night.  I'm not a horror chick, so this was definitely not my usual fare.  That movie was eh.  Colin Farrell is yummy on most occasions, and visually he worked ok, but the story was t-h-i-n.  All I could think as I watched it was that the original story for this film must have been a novella--and a small one at that.

On each occasion, I regretted that I hadn't gone with my first choice: Conan.  Love that guy!

I'm off to home school before my son has to visit the orthopedic surgeon again.  Still no definitive judgment on the knee, but he's feeling better, so that's good.  Tonight's a big writing night because I don't work on Thursdays, so I'm looking forward to completing up to about 50% of Vasilije's story.  I'm feeling very good about that since my goal is to have it completed and to my editor by mid-November. Then tomorrow, after school with my son, I'll be doing more structural edits on Destiny Redeemed. I'm beginning Chapter 16 and am about 60% complete on edits, so I'm right on schedule. I'm working to get the ms to my editor by September 14, so things look good.

Finally, check out the incredible banner my girl Talina made for Destiny Redeemed. I'm in love!  Thanks, Talina! 


Talina Perkins said...'re very welcome! I am so happy you like the design! I absolutely love how it blends in with your chocolate brown coloring here on your blog and your site. :-)

And let me say...Wow! You are so motivating, Gabrielle! You're a mom, run a household, home school, teach, write and blog! Congratulations on all your writing! That is amazing progress and I need to take a cue from you!


Bree said...

The banner is gorgeous!!

Gabrielle said...

You're the best, Talina! Can't wait to see the bookmarks and cover flats...;)

Gabrielle said...

Thanks Bree! :)