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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ROW 80 Check In 4-13

It's Wednesday again, and another check in for ROW 80.  So what's been going on with this writer?  Well, I may have to adjust my goals a bit because my muse is all about the new novella I'm writing, and since it's historical in nature (Victorian England), that means some research.  I spent some good time researching about the British army in Afghanistan in the mid-1800s since my main male character is a former captain in the British army.  Interesting stuff. 

I began the novella last Friday and so far I have almost 4300 words, so it's flowing well.  And I'm enjoying the other research I have to do for it a ton too.  The story has a very gentle D/s vibe to it, so that requires research.  Nothing too wild, but just a tiny bit of edge.  ;)

I've continued to clean up the second book in The Destined Ones Series, and I've decided to change the title from Destiny Renewed to Destiny Redeemed.  Thanks to one of my beta readers for her great suggestions.  I feel the title works better for the theme of the book, which is the redemption of Amon Kalins from the real sonofabitch he is in Stolen Destiny to the man he becomes in his story. 

The third book in the series, Broken Destiny, may be in for a name change too.  Unlike its predecessor's title, this book's title was never something I was quite sure about.  I'm thinking Destiny Unbound instead. 

Edits on Stolen Destiny haven't begun yet, but if fate has the sense of humor I think it does, they should be rolling in any moment since today I receive the rest of my students' semester projects after gathering 15 yesterday. 

I continue to blog and promote, which I have to say is quite time consuming.  But sometimes it's incredibly rewarding.  I held a giveaway over at the TRS Staying Home Party last week and I contacted the winner this morning.  She wrote back to tell me that it was her birthday and she was feeling a little down (as can happen with birthdays), but winning the giveaway made her day.  And that made mine.  Thank you, Theresa! 

Check out everyone else involved in ROW 80 here. I hope everyone is having a great week, and may you have someone out of the blue make your day too! 


Katy Bennett said...

Sounds like you're flying along, hope the rest of the week is as productive.

Gabrielle said...

Thanks Katy!

Happy Odd Girl said...

What a stylish blog design you have! I think it's the most elegant blog I've ever seen! :)

I DID have something make my day! I woke up to find comments on my blog! :D Yours was of course one of them - so thanks for helping to make my day! :)

Can't seem to sign in from that blog so having to use my personal blog on google - sorry about that. :(

Anyway, glad things are going so well for you. :)

Gabrielle said...

Thank you for the lovely compliment! And I'm so glad I could pay it forward and help to make your day.


Gabrielle said...
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C.E. Hart said...

Best wishes on your writing, Gabrielle! Research can be so much fun.

I've never heard of the round of words in 80 days. Sounds great. :)