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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Author Blog Hop 4-21

I'm back for another time with the Author Blog Hop, hosted by Sassy Brit at Alternative  Each week a question is posed, and authors post their answers.  Then everyone hops along!

This week's question:  Do you write in logical order?

I think so.  I begin with the first chapter and then proceed from there.  I'm a little crazy about jumping ahead, so I won't allow myself to do that.  For example, in the current novella I'm writing, I couldn't wait to write an erotic scene in which the two main characters meet and the male, Kadar, introduces the female, a young Victorian lady named Lily, to just a little touch of BDSM.  I had planned the whole scene out in my mind days earlier and knew exactly the way I wanted it to go, right down to what he'd say to her and how she'd respond (I usually don't have the dialogue planned out before I write).

The problem was that I was almost two chapters behind that scene. So instead of jumping ahead and writing it, I forced myself to finish the chapters and then move on.  That's probably why I ended up writing about 8000 words last week.  :)

I think I do all this because I know myself.  I'm insufferably lazy, to tell the truth.  I need to keep myself disciplined or I will slide into very bad habits that I know lurk just below the surface.  So while my regimented style wouldn't work for many people, it's a necessity if I'm to get any writing done at all around my job, my kids, and the rest of my life, which all seem to be full time jobs when I want to write the most.

Happy Hopping!


Angelika Devlyn said...

Hi Gabrielle!

Welcome back again. It would be great to write from beginning to end, and I 'spose I do in short stories. I like the way you are strict with yourself, in order to get the work done - I've got to admire that!

Here is my blog post for today!



Anonymous said...

I wish I could write like you do! If I don't immediately write down a scene, even if it's towards the end of the story and I'm only at the middle, I'll forget most of the good stuff by the time I get there.

Cate Masters said...

I used to do the same, but then I'd feel stuck in the story. So now I jump past boring/bothersome scenes to those that are more clear in my head.

Ginger Simpson said...

My discipline follows the voice of my character so I never know where I'm going with their lead. Dang...I wish I could jump ahead. Maybe I'll try it, although it's never worked for me. I'm more like you...totally disciplined and now stuck because my character is being a stinker.

J Q Rose said...

I can completely understand with your busy life how you must keep an orderly method of writing. I am the same way. We all have our ways of doing it. The end result is the important thing, not how we achieved it.