Gabrielle Bisset

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Alpha Males

As I was sitting at my computer diligently avoiding work I should be doing for the day job, I came across an article at E Online entitled Alpha Male Madness.  Well, hell, I'm the Alpha male's biggest fan, so I clicked away and found an article readers could vote on for their top Alpha male out of the following two males: 

Uh, hello E Online?  I think you've gotten your contests confused.  These two guys, one of whom is from the show Glee, can't be considered Alpha males.  Are they kidding? 

Is this what's become of the Alpha male?  We've smoothed, gelled, and polished them over until they wear clothes that look like Halloween costumes (I'm talking to you, Glee man).  How on earth can these two men be considered Alpha males?

I might be able to convince myself that these two are Betas. Ok, I'll go with that.  But Alphas?  I don't care what kind of asshole the guy on the right plays on the show, he's no Alpha.  Hell, he looks more like a petulant Omega, if you ask me.  These two men look like they'd be shaking in their boots if the electricity went out. 

Alpha males are leaders.  They inspire those around them with their presence.  And they'd never be caught dead wearing anything as ridiculous as the getup on the right.  When one thinks of Alpha males, this idea comes to mind:  Women want them, and men want to be like them. 

I mourn the loss of the true Alpha male.  Where are the men in American society who conquer and overcome, lead and inspire?  Is this really what the Alpha male looks like to us now?


Anonymous said...

Those two are not Alpha males, they not are rugged enough.

A proper Alpha male to me is rugged, big and muscular and looks like they could protect you from everything.

Gabrielle said...