Gabrielle Bisset

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Weekend Creation Blog Hop

My lovely friend Shah over at WordsInSync runs a blog hop each Friday for creative types called The Weekend Creation Blog Hop.  Writers, artists, even book bloggers join up, and it's a great way to see other people's creativity. 

As for me, this week I began down the road of typing/editing my second book with the hopes that I can have it to my beta readers by April 1.  I'm about halfway through now, so I feel pretty good about it.  I'm hoping by this time next week that it will be completed and I can pdf the manuscript for them. 

As I type, I get to enjoy the story all over again, in addition to editing and adding to the story.  I've been pretty happy with most of it.  I must admit, though, some parts I read and say to myself, "Uh, no. That needs to be out," or "Hmmm...I like that, but why did I put it here?"

I hope to get a lot of work done on it in the next two days. Here's to a wonderful weekend!


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Talina Perkins said...

How exciting! Congratulations on finishing your second ms. I am currently working on my second ms with a self imposed deadline of June 10th. Thank you so much for stopping in on the blog. I am glad you got to read the article by Q.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Rebecca Bradley said...

That's a busy two weeks you're going to have. Good luck with it!