Gabrielle Bisset

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I finished writing Destiny Renewed earlier today and have to admit it was with mixed emotions that I ended the story.  When I introduced the character of Amon into Stolen Destiny, he was the bad guy.  But I loved his character so much, I wanted to take him further than I had in the first book, so despite planning to wait to write his as the third or fourth book, his story came out in the early ideas for Destiny Renewed and I ran with it.  Months later, the bad guy has gotten his story and since it's a romance, he's gotten his happily ever after.

The heroine I gave Amon is Thea, who is the closest I've ever gotten to writing a female virgin.  She wasn't a sexual virgin, but she hadn't anywhere as much experience, sexually or otherwise, as her hero.  However, they fit together well, allowed him to be more Alpha than he might have been with a more experienced partner, and I enjoyed writing her as much as him.

Also back in this second book is Amon's servant, Gethen, a dark Sidhe who gets a much fuller role in Destiny Renewed.  Writing Gethen's part in this book was far more emotionally draining than any other character I've ever written before as he doesn't make it through the book. 

I've enjoyed my time with these characters, just as I enjoyed my time with the hero and heroine from the first book, Varek and Callia.  I'll be spending more time with Destiny Renewed's  characters as I type the story, editing and adding along the way, but until then, it's time to take a little break and relax for a few days.



Nadja Notariani said...

Finishing your book is great! Now, enjoy a small break....and get to your TBR pile. (Maybe it will spark a new idea for another book.....? lol).