Gabrielle Bisset

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I continue to wait for the email from the publisher that tells me what edits I must do for Stolen Destiny to become ready for June.  Although I know it's foolish to be worried about something that hasn't happened yet, I am.  I think it's part stubborn belief in a style of writing that I think is interesting and part ego. 

You see, I write my stories from multiple points of view.  In Stolen Destiny, the reader is given the point of view of Varek, Callia, Amon, and the murderer, Derrick James.  Granted Derrick's point of view is quite limited and only in a few places, but it adds interest and shows what Varek must conquer before he can finish his job for the Council and get the girl. As for the three main characters, they spend a great deal of time together and their points of view are important to the story.  Without them, the love triangle doesn't work at the depth I need it to.

Today, editors sometimes think this is head hopping.  I have no idea where this came from, but I can't imagine telling my stories, which are at their core about the love and romance between two people (and the love triangle that forms when Amon becomes involved), from just one point of view. How dreadfully boring it would be to have page after page of just Callia's point of view!  I think that works for short stories and novellas, but at least for me, it doesn't work for novel length stories. 

The other part is pure ego, though.  I like things like adverbs, and I have a feeling many of them might be headed for the chopping block.  And adjectives?  Let's say from what I hear, adjectives are viewed like time spent with Charlie Sheen: a little goes a long way.  But I don't tend to be an adjective girl as much as adverb.  In fact, I don't tend to describe things visually as much as I think I might have to.  My stories tend to revolve around not so much the physical setting as the psychological and emotional developments in the characters.  But I admit, I am less stubborn about these issues.  In fact, it might be nice to go back and describe Amon's Tuscan villa again with more detail. 

I look forward to this time next month when edits will be finished (hopefully) and then I can wait for the book cover art.  But it's all part of the process, so just hang on and I'll be sure to tell you all about it.  :)



Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

I think "waiting" defines the publishing process ;-) Good luck with editing! I can't wait to see your cover :D

Elizabeth Sharp said...

I'm an adjective and an adverb girl, so i couldn't imagine having to cut them. I'm a visual person, so I use a lot of description. I might actually have a heart attack if I have to do away with both. ;)

Gabrielle said...

I do like the adverbs too. I'll have to keep you updated on how may are forced into retirement. LOL