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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Updates and Other Stuff

I've written a newsletter for the past two Sundays, but I've decided to limit those to twice a month since I'm thinking once a week might be a bit much. If I'm wrong, definitely tell me. I can certainly do them every Sunday.

According to the magic counting thingy in the left sidebar, I am almost 80% finished with typing Destiny Renewed. This is the second time I promised myself to keep up with the typing instead of leaving it until I finished the book.  One should really learn from mistakes.  Well, I'm pledging that for the third book, which I'm toying with changing from Broken Destiny to some other title, I will keep current with the typing each week instead of procrastinating until the book is finished.  There. Now it's out in the universe. 

I'm also considering making this blog an adult blog, as in having the Content Warning page before people enter.  I personally don't think anyone should have to do that and I don't think my blog is incredibly racy, but the excerpts I put up can be considered adult material.  I just hate more clicking required to get to things. 

Other than those scintillating events, I'm reaching out to other authors of a variety of genres to swap blogs for a day or more in the hopes of reaching more people and helping my fellow writers with the same.  I have a few planned for June and August, and I hope to have more in the coming days, so if you know of anyone who is published or soon to be published (indie or otherwise), have them drop me an email.  I'd love to get together and see what we can do!

I also joined The Romance Studio as a featured member, so if you have a chance, stop on over there and take a look at the great things they have for romance lovers.  I plan to be blogging there in the future, and you can find me listed on the Authors@TRS page (clicking my name just takes you to my website for now).

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you had asked me who designed my blog header and I just wanted to say thank you for appreciating it. I actually designed it myself! I'm a freelance graphic designer.

Jenny @ Into The Morning Reads