Gabrielle Bisset

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Someone asked me where I got the name Aeveren for my Destined Ones books.  The truth is I made it up.  I couldn't find a name to describe exactly what I wanted--to reflect that these people lived many lives through reincarnation--so I decided that I needed to make a new word that would work. 

I still have the envelope I used to experiment with ideas as I rode on my way to my son's Boy Scout camp.  All over it are written words that I tried, including Aevere and Aevera, in addition to Evere.  I didn't like any of those, so I continued to scribble as my friend drove and eventually, in the little space that was left at the bottom, came Aeveren. 

The name reflects both the reincarnation theme of the characters' lives and the idea of the destined one, one person fate has chosen for another.  It's been suggested that I trademark the name, but so far, I haven't done anything about that.  I'm not sure it's necessary.  How's it look?  Aeveren™

Maybe someday.  Right now, I'm more about writing romance and love scenes than claiming a name.  :)



Julius Cicero said...

I use several different methods for inventing new names and words. One is to utilize foreign words as close to my theme as possible. For example in one of my books there is a nation of people who are called Kaczardan. It's a slight contraction of the German Kaiser and the Russian Czar to reflect their imperial and warlike nature. Another method is to use anagrams or even palindromes of what I'm trying to relate to-Julius

Gabrielle said...

Excellent ideas! I just had to name a poison lethal to the Sidhe in my story, but that name just sort of leapt into my head. :)