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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

#WIP Wednesday: Hades

I haven't done a WIP Wednesday in a little while since other posts have been taking its spot. Today, I'm all about Hades and his mystery woman who have been sharing my time with Ramiel and the fourth book in the Sons series, Blood Prophecy.

My Hades short story won't be a release in the truest sense. I'm not going to sell it but instead put it up for a free read on my website. When I was asked to write a story for BTS eMag, I figured I'd do something small (it only had to be 1K words) and afterward put it up on the website. But then I began to write the god of the Underworld and his lady and before I knew it, I'd gone over the number of words allowed. So I figured, "Why not put this up for a free read in its longer version?"

This Friday, the Hades story, entitled Forbidden Fruit, will begin what I plan to be a number of shorts about characters who appear (or are set to appear) in the Sons series. Hades is the first, and then readers can look for a short with Vasilije (before Sasa), one with Thane, and one with Saint and Solenne (that's by request of my street team). I'm also considering some that wouldn't necessarily be romantic in nature but would give readers a little more about the characters.

So be sure to look for those and don't miss Hades' debut this Friday. I've written the god of the Underworld in the way I believe he'd be portrayed in erotic romance. He's sensual, powerful, and above all, a real Alpha. Think tall, dark, and deliciously indulgent. What else would a god be, after all?


Gayle Latreille said...

Look forward to this one, Gabrielle.

Your twist on the every day PN is absolutely amazing. Love your books.


Anonymous said...

Sounds really good Gabrielle. Can't wait to read all these shirts, and share your talent with others.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, shorts.

julie beasley said...

this is all so exciting. cant wait to read them. i love learning more about the sons past and present. keep up the good work gabrielle we are all enjoying them so much