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Friday, September 7, 2012

F*R*E*E Read and A New Cover

I've never met a Friday I didn't like, and this one is especially good. I have a new short story I've put up for a free read for my readers and a new cover. :)

Okay, first things first. I've begun to write free reads that will go along with the Sons of Navarus series. They're just short stories under 5K, but some are spicy and others are meant as more details about some of the characters. The first one, Forbidden Fruit, is about the god of the Underworld, Hades, and a mystery woman (you'll have to click on over to check it out). It's erotic, so be sure you're not at work or have the kiddies behind you when you read it. I figured I'd begin with him since he's getting ready to make his appearance in the Sons series in a book or two. Head on over to my Free Reads page and enjoy!

And here's the new cover (you thought it was the one for Forbidden Fruit, but no, there's more)...

The incredible Talina Perkins has done it again! When I approached her about updating the covers of the Trilogy ebook and paperback, along with Love's Master and Masquerade now that Vampire Dreams is no longer sold as a single novella and only appears in the Trilogy, she loved the idea and ran with it. I told her I was considering calla lilies and found an image. She found a better image and look at this masterpiece she created! I love it!!! 

I can't wait to see the others. :)  I'll be updating all the covers once they're done. In the meantime, you can find the Trilogy at all major outlets. For a sampling of what's inside, visit my Victorian Erotic Romance Trilogy page.

Have a wonderful Friday!


julie beasley said...

love the new cover for the trilogy like the vivid colours and it looks so romatic and sensual. love the idea of the free reads, specially as we will get to know more of the sons