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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Visiting A Good Friend And Inspiration

Hi all! The Paranormal Fall Fling continues today at Shah Wharton's blog. I'm there talking about the newest Sons book, Blood Spirit, and giving an excerpt of the stars of that book, Terek and Ilona. Stop by and say hi!
And if you haven't entered the Paranormal Fall Fling Giveaway, don't leave my blog until you've done that. This week's prize is the Blood & Dreams Ebook Box Set, not available anywhere but through this giveaway. It contains Vampire Dreams Revamped, Blood Avenged, and Blood Betrayed. One lucky winner will be chosen on Monday night, October 1, so be sure to enter for that and the grand prizes that will be awarded at the end of the Fling. All the details can be found HERE, so don't miss out!

Finally, I saw the image in the link below the other day and wanted to share it for readers who are already looking forward to Blood Prophecy, Book 4 of the Sons of Navarus series and Ramiel's book. I've been hard at work on that, and when I saw this I can only say it's been perfect inspiration for Ramiel and his heroine. Warning: Although it's not graphic, it is sensual and does depict a sexual act. And it's just a brief image, but it replays so you can catch it again. ;) 

Inspiration for Blood Prophecy

Happy Thursday!


julie beasley said...

i can see why you were inspired Gabrielle, looks like ramiel is having fun. i can see why hes going to be bad. loved the little teaser vid

Gayle Latreille said...

That was of course, me and MY Ramiel. Hands 'OFF' ladies!!!

He is all MINE!

Anonymous said...

Anyone would be inspired by that. Lovin' Ramiel already. Don't orry Gayle. I still love Vasilije.

katsrus said...

I can see why. Very sexy.
Sue B