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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#WIP Wednesday #amwriting #erotic

Happy Wednesday and the beginning of a new month! August is always a little less than thrilling for me since that means I'll be going back to the day job soon. Yeah, I know. No tears for person who gets the summer off. I feel that. :)  But August 1 means the summer is almost over.

July was the best month of sales for me so far in my career, so I'm sorry to see that month go. The Sons of Navarus series had a stellar month, so things are looking good for Terek as he gets set to make his appearance on September 17.

As for WIP, there are two on my plate: the 4th book in the Sons series, Blood Prophecy, and the Hades short I'm writing for a free read for my website. Even though I've had so many people ask me if I plan to make Hades the star of a new series, the answer is no. At this time, he's just a character who will show up in the Sons series soon.  As the father of one of the first vampires, it was inevitable he'd come on the scene, but I have no plans for even a full length book for him. I can say, though, that the story on my website will be much hotter than the one that will appear in the September issue of BTS eMag. ;) (BTW, for a look at the current issue of that great magazine, scroll down to the bottom of this page.)

Blood Prophecy will include some pretty big developments in the series' story arc, so I'm taking it nice and slow with this one. My former Visigoth turned vampire has been very willing, despite his usual surly attitude, so the writing has been good.

I've also been playing around with Blood Spirit's book trailer for a few days. I have the music and here are some of the images I'm considering working in:

And finally, here is the banner the wonderful Talina made for the release of Blood Spirit:

My editor believes she'll have the entire book back to me soon, so the countdown begins. 48 days until Blood Spirit's release!

Have a great Wednesday!


julie beasley said...

loved terek banner the pics for his vid look good to. looks like we are in for a bit of travel in his book. not long now. good luck with hades short story