Gabrielle Bisset

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cover Love: Blood Spirit's Print Cover

Good Wednesday to everyone! It's a beautiful day in the Northeast, but I'm thinking safe thoughts for all those in Isaac's path. The crazy ABC weatherman who was standing in the 80 mile an hour winds said it would be a few more hours and then the coast should be clear. Stay safe friends! I hope that wonderful city of New Orleans and the entire Gulf Coast make it through with as little damage as possible. What a terrific part of the country!

Today I have Blood Spirit's print cover to reveal. Talina did another fantastic job capturing Terek and the very seductive vibe that sexy vampire gives off. Just like all he's ever believed in, Terek has the ability to entice.

The proof has been ordered, and it will be here in a few days. Then it's just a matter of checking it to see there are no errors before the book's release date of September 17. It's coming up quick. :)

Here's a taste of Terek and Ilona's story to get you in the mood:

Have a great day!


julie beasley said...

excited to see terek cover, he can entice me into anything, we will be meeting him soon. loved his video the music suits him. the locations look exotic

Shah Wharton said...

Both the cover and the trailer are very tantilising Gabrielle - Well done and slurrp! :P

Ann Q said...

Really enjoy reading your books. Keep writing.