Gabrielle Bisset

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: The Start Of A New Series

The Destiny Redeemed book tour continues today at Urban Girl Reader with an excerpt and promo.  Thanks to Sherri for joining the tour!  Her blog is beautiful. :)

Blood Avenged is off to the betas and editor to get it ready for its December 14 release date, and I'd planned to take the month of December off from writing because I've been going nonstop literally since January.  This year has seen Destiny Redeemed, Vampire Dreams, Love's Master, Masquerade, and Blood Avenged completed. Whew! That's 214,000 words from me this year, and that's not counting all those posts, guest posts, and interviews. (Those add up, trust me.) So the idea was to take off December to give myself a little break.

There's only one problem with that...

I've got an idea for a new series that's just dying to get out.  Vasilije's story in Blood Avenged ended differently than I'd planned (quite a surprise for a plotter like me, I assure you), and it's looking like there's a new series there.  I began fleshing it out already, and I've decided on some character names and some traits.  I won't give too much away yet since it's all very early, but yes, the series is paranormal romance and it's beginning with Blood Avenged.  Plans are pretty fluid now, but I'm hoping to get the first and possibly the second books out in 2012.  They'll be novel length, set in the present, and feature powerful sires like Vasilije. 

Look for more coming soon. For now I'm off to wrangle Amon for an interview with Nat from Reading Romances. ;)