Gabrielle Bisset

Monday, June 25, 2012

Signup For 18 & Over G!veaway H0p

Monday again...the weekends are always so short. My weekend was spent with Terek and the Sons, and Blood Spirit is nearly complete. :)  I also read a book and did some editing on Vampire Dreams Revamped, so I feel like I got something accomplished.

Although it seems like so long from now, the giveaway hop that I'm co-hosting with the great bloggers over at Bitten by Paranormal Romance is planned and ready for September.  Signups just began today, so head on over to their blog and put your name up.  It's 18 and over, so all you erotic romance and erotica lovers are encouraged to enter.

The hop will run September 13-16, and these 18 and over giveaway hops usually get a lot of people. I'll be posting a very sexy scene with Terek and Ilona then in addition to giving away some cool stuff, so be sure to come by for that.


Talina Perkins said...

ACK! I almost forgot to join! I need to get a move on! :)