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Friday, June 29, 2012

#Paranormalromance Friday

Another Friday here, and it's a hot one where I live. How is everyone else fairing in the heat?  I've got the air conditioners blasting and still it doesn't feel cool enough! But I love the heat so much more than the cold, so I'll take this any day.

I had intended on being able to say Blood Spirit was basically complete today, but the day job got in the way yesterday.  I was teaching a class for the past few weeks and it was time to grade. That means emailing people to ask where their online quizzes are...blah, blah, blah....yeah, sometimes it feels more like high school than college.

So I'm sitting at Chapter 19 in Blood Spirit, which is almost at the end. I've enjoyed writing this book so much. When I first began thinking of a vampire who had been a monk in the Middle Ages and was now one of the most prolific vampires in his world, I loved the idea. It had such a disparity to it. Gradually, Terek formed into a very passionate character. As he's grown on the pages, he's become the type of man who gives his heart and soul to everything he does, whether it's being a monk, a vampire, a sire, or a warrior.

The contrast with the first two heroes in the series is striking. Vasilije is and always will be a hedonist. That he loves Sasa doesn't change that, and neither does the civil war with the Archons. Saint is a man who carries the past with him wherever he goes. It's what has made him into the man everyone knows as Saint. Terek is a character who has been many things. He's almost like a god to many in his world because of how many females he's sired. They live in his homes and to outsiders, they make up what seems to be his harem. But he's more than just a man who loves women.

Terek is a man whose actions are borne out of love for many things. Love for his family, love for the Church when he was a monk, love for the vampire race, and love for Ilona, the woman who may finally be the one who can claim this incredible man.

And Ilona has been a great character to spend time with too. She's a human turned by Terek who struggles with seeing past the women to the man he truly is. It's only because she sees him working to break down her barriers that she begins to let him in. To her, he isn't the legend he is to other vampires. He's just Terek, the man who's given her a new life she isn't sure she wants.

So I'll be working to finish their story by next weekend, hopefully. I have edits for Vampire Dreams Revamped coming up, but I'm very happy to report that Madame Editor found very few things I need to really change. She's a huge Vasilije fan and I'm also happy to report that she says this new novella makes him even sexier. I loved hearing that!

And last, but not least, I received an email from an author I adore this morning.  I'd emailed her to ask her if she'd be willing to guest on my blog.  She said yes, so I'm going to have an interview with her in the not-so-distant future. She's such a fascinating author! She doesn't know it, but she's one of the authors who inspired me take a chance on my writing after years of keeping it to myself. Now a year later, she's coming on my blog and letting me ask her questions. Isn't life great? 

Have a wonderful weekend, and keep cool!


julie beasley said...

glad to see terek is nearly finished. you know i cant wait. thanks for the teaser insight to him. just makes me fall even more, its going to be such a joy to read all about this gorgeous sexy vamp and his exploits..good luck

Anonymous said...

I really can't wait until Vampire Dreams:Revamped and Terek to come out. Although I am having so much fun with the street team, I really miss reading knew of your books. They're like family.

Dawn said...

Hopefully this posts on your blog but just incase it doesnt work I did post my comment on your goodreads blog.
I really cant wait for Blood Spirit and Vampire Dreams Revamped. Its really exciting waiting for them. After reading the snippets for Blood Spirit I just know Im going to fall in love with Terek and I know Ilona is going to be one of my fav woman characters of the series.
I keep trying to imagine how this book is going to be. Everything I imagine makes me smile. Im sure youll have all of our panties melting (one of your comments from your previous blog posts) I couldnt stop laughing after reading that.
Im so happy for you that you are getting one of the authors who inspired you to take a chance in writing visiting your blog. Thats awesome and Im so very glad she did inspire you to write. I love your books and Im eagerly awaiting more :)
Stay cool in this heat. Its pretty hot here too. My AC's are on full blast Lol