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Monday, June 18, 2012

Coming Soon: Vampire Dreams Revamped

When  I approached my editor with the idea of reworking Vampire Dreams, her first words were, "Why? You sell tons of that each month. Don't mess with what works." This coming from a tough as nails editor made me feel good, but it didn't dissuade me from wanting to go back into that first book I published.

You see, when I wrote Vampire Dreams, I was actually doing it in response to something external, not internal, so to me, every time I see that book, I think of that external business that was pressing down on me then.  I've overcome it, but when I read Vampire Dreams, I can still hear it in so many places.

I loved the characters of Arden and Brandon from the minute they came to life, and Vasilije...well, he was always destined for more after that book.  Arden and Brandon have a charm to me that brings a sweetness to a very erotic book. So despite the fact that my editor disagreed, I began to rework Vampire Dreams a few weeks ago and asked the wonderful Talina Perkins if she'd make just one more exception and create a cover for this new book. What you see is the new cover--Vampire Dreams Revamped.

So what's going to be different in this new book?  It's going to be longer.  The original came in at 17K words, and this will top out at over 25K.  The story has been added to also, and two of the Sons of Navarus in addition to Vasilije will appear as cameos in Revamped. It's also a bit hotter too.

That last choice--to make Revamped a sexier book--was something I had to think about. Out of the thousands of copies sold, the book has relatively few bad reviews, but often those that are bad attack it because it has too much sex. (Others claim it's written too simply while even others claim the writing is too complicated, especially the sentence structure. Those make no sense together, so I disregard them as they cancel one another out. Sorry critics, but it can't be both.) I've even had a few unhappy readers claim it's porn.

I either read some seriously hot stories, or I underestimate my books' heat levels because while the original Vampire Dreams had some steamy scenes, it certainly wasn't the hottest thing I'd ever read. It's been listed under Erotica, so I'm always confused when readers have a problem with the sex scenes. What do they expect? (I blame this in part on the Fifty Shades phenomenon, by the way. I've read that and it wasn't hot to me.  In fact, it was clunky, immature, and awkward, and that's not erotic to me. But that's just my humble opinion. But if people read that and then come to my books, they are in for a very different type of sexy read.) To me, it's erotic romance because it has a definite story and a HEA. Erotica isn't forced to conform to those criteria. Whatever it is, it's way too hot for some folks, it seems.

So, in the end, Vampire Dreams Revamped will be even hotter than the original. Maybe I should put a disclaimer in the description.  Maybe something like: Reading this book may make your panties melt. Be aware and take precautions.

Look for Vampire Dreams Revamped in July. Have a great Monday everyone!


Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

I want to read it! And yes Fifty Shades was not hot.