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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Midweek Ideas

How is everyone doing out there on this fine Wednesday?  It's a dreary day in the northeast, but February is half over, so spring is coming soon.  :)  I'm filled with all sorts of ideas this morning, so here goes.

My son is beginning to look into universities since he's in sophomore year and time's moving quickly.  He's thinking of majoring in the sciences, maybe engineering.  He's in pre-calc now and is enjoying it, but next year's physics will tell the tale.  If he does as well in that as he's doing in math, then maybe engineering would be a good choice. 

If it seems like I'm not overly excited, let me explain.  I see students every day who want to be engineers or nurses or lawyers who have none of the skills necessary to be such things and none of the ability needed to learn the skills.  This doesn't mean they're useless.  It just means they've been lied to for the first twelve years of their education. What they needed was an honest assessment of their skills and abilities, and what they got was "You're super!"  Unfortunately, by the time college rolls around, it's too late.  The time to learn the basics and find out if you have the skills for a particular profession is in the twelve years before me. 

I have tried to be honest with my son regarding his abilities.  That he scored in the high 600s on the SAT math section in eighth grade is great, but to be an engineer from a good school, that needs to bump up into the highest echelons.  And since I'm not paying for his college education until quite later, if ever, (actually, we have a deal--he graduates with higher than a 3.0 after 4 years of undergraduate work and I'll pay his student loans), he needs to plan for all contingencies and qualify for scholarships.  All this is a lot to think about for a 16 year old who prefers to skateboard and play guitar to impress the girls. 

Okay, now for something entirely different.  I fell in love with the show Spartacus a while back.  Let's be honest here.  I fell in love with the actor who played Spartacus, Andy Whitfield (who was, incidentally, an engineer before he went into modeling and acting).  He was taken from this world too young, and now they have a new Spartacus.  I want to like him.  I do.  But it's just not the same.  When Whitfield was Spartacus, I don't think I even noticed there were other men on that show. Well, that might exaggerating a tiny bit. ;)  LOL  Now, I don't even like the scenes with Spartacus.  They've given him that love interest, and I don't think I've seen cooler love scenes ever.  Not cool as in "Wow!" but cool as in "Do they even like each other?" or "Is there someone with a gun behind them?" 

I've even taken to liking the bad guy more.  A Roman!  He does have great arms, though. LOL  Seriously, in my mind, it's not as good with this Spartacus.  No offense to him, but it's not working for me.  Keep in mind that I've read that people are liking him.  I just don't. :(  I do have to admit that when Gannicus comes back on the scene, I may be back to liking the show, though. I'm keeping an open mind.

And just to keep the mind moving on this Wednesday, the ladies of Riverina Romantics have their XXX Hump Day Hotties post up, and if you're in need of some midweek inspiration, definitely check out their blog today.  If those fine men aren't enough to get you to Friday, I don't know what will. 

Have a great day!


VampedChik said...

Good luck with your son! And I completely agree with you about Andy Whitfield. He made the show! It's not the same any more. I want to like him to and I don't blame them for recasting and all they had to and they had Andy's blessing before he passed but the chemistry and everythings not the same. :(

Gabrielle said...

I was wondering if I was the only one, Amber. It just isn't the same. :( Maybe Gannicus can bring it back? Not that the Roman guy isn't ok, but the plot doesn't indicate he's coming out on top. LOL Thanks for stopping by!