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Friday, December 30, 2011

Pay Nothing For SweetPea Delights: Easy Meal Ideas For Moms On The Go Through 12-31

I'm thrilled to help spread the news that Talina Perkins is offering her new cookbook, SweetPea Delights: Easy Meal Ideas For Moms On The Go, for FREE at Amazon December 30 and 31.  Here's the blurb:

We all love sharing easy and delicious meal ideas with our friends and family members. Sitting down to a warm and hearty meal each night is a blessing my family and I are always thankful for. But at times getting those meals whipped up is a lot harder when our schedules keep us so busy.

In SweetPea Delights: Easy Meal Ideas For Moms-On-The-Go I have pulled together over 90 delicious family recipes, to help you bring a warm and hearty meal to your table. You’ll find yummy Grab 'n' Go Breakfast Cookies to lighten up your morning. For warm and cozy lunch how about Quick & Spicy Chicken ‘n Rice and for dinner serve your family a fun What-The-Hay taco meal. You’ll even find recipes for easy and delicious snacks everyone will love!

Beyond the easy meal ideas, you’ll also find cooking tips and inspirations sprinkled within the pages to add flavor to your cooking experience.

So, let’s get started with SweetPea Delights: Easy meal Ideas For Moms-On-The-Go!
Don't miss out! Grab the FREE download at Amazon.

***Note: downloads are close to the bottom of the page. New designs will be uploaded on the night of the 29th and further updates will occur regularly, check FB Fan Pages and blog for updates.


Talina Perkins said...

Thank you for spreading the word, Gabrielle! *hugs* ;-)