Gabrielle Bisset

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blood Avenged's Release Day

Happy Wednesday everybody!  I'm celebrating the official release of Blood Avenged today.  True, Amazon has had it up since late Monday night and it's already begun selling, but I'd set December 14 as the official release day for my sixth and last release of 2011.  Wow, it's been a busy year!

Anyone who's read Vampire Dreams (You say you haven't?  Well, you can grab it for $.99!) remembers Vasilije.  He made quite an impression on readers, who immediately began asking when he'd get his own story.  I enjoyed him a great deal too, so in July I began working on what would become Blood Avenged.  I still had to finish typing Masquerade, release it in late August, edit Destiny Redeemed in September and release it in October, but I knew I wanted to give Vasilije his time in the spotlight.  After my trip to New Orleans around Halloween, I completed the story and then it was just a matter of editing.

But a strange thing happened on the way to the end of Blood Avenged--a series was born.  What began as a novel about one character became a novel that would begin the Sons of Navarus series.  That Vasilije sure knows how to inspire. :)

So Blood Avenged is Vasilije's story, but he'll be sticking around in the upcoming novels of the series since he's one of the Sons of Navarus.  There are eight vampires in the Sons, a group chosen to protect the most ancient and revered of vampires, the Order of Macaria, and each of them will have a story.  Readers get to meet all the fantastic Sons at the end of Blood Avenged, and there's a man for every taste. ;)

The books will continue to be erotic paranormal romance, but the non-romantic story will be strong in them too.  All the books in the series will be novel length, and I hope to have the first one released before summer 2012.  If the muse and I are working well together, I may even have the second of the Sons series out around this time next year. 

Click HERE for a very hot excerpt from Blood Avenged to whet your appetite.  The woman Vasilije meets when he travels to New Orleans to hunt down the killer of one of his vampires is named Sasa, and when they get together, the chemistry is potent.

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