Gabrielle Bisset

Monday, December 19, 2011

Loving Those Vampires

I'm over at the wonderful blog The Enchanted Book with a guest post about how I love writing about vampires.  I keep reading that vampires are on their way out. As much as I hate to disagree, they're what sell for me.  But even more than the fact that they sell books, I enjoy writing about vampires.  To me, they're the sexiest paranormal creature, so I write what I love. 

I broke my promise to myself this weekend and started writing the sequel to Blood Avenged.  I fully intended to write it but not until after Christmas.  However, the muse had other ideas and while I had the whole house to myself since my son was gone camping, I began Declan's story, Blood Betrayed.  Between Friday and Sunday night, I got about 15 pages written, so it's a good start. 

Who knows what this week will be like, but the story is simmering in my head, just waiting to get out.  It's outlined and ready, so I could get some real work done on it even before January. Isn't it great when you love what you do? 

Enjoy your Monday! 


Anonymous said...

I don't think vampires are on the way out at all. There are, ahem, die-hard vamp fans all over the globe so keep writing!

Gabrielle said...

I agree with you, emmameade. I'm a die-hard fan too. Thanks for stopping by!