Gabrielle Bisset

Monday, August 1, 2011


Happy Monday, blogworld!  It's already August (oh God, please say it isn't so!), and the dog days of summer are about to come upon us.  Bring it on!  In what's becoming my Monday morning quarterbacking of True Blood, this week I'm not so much hating on the show as I was last week.  Sexy, naked Eric is good.  Sad Bill is not.  Clothed Alcide is definitely not, but I don't think I've ever seen a man wear a shirt like that man does. He's the stuff dreams are made of...(Yes, I know that's Eric in a shirt, but that blue shirt Alcide wore last night looked incredible on him.) The rest of the show is crazy witches, crazy shifters, and crazy Tara.  I'm not sure I'm all about the crazy.

What else is new?  Well, I'm closing in on a big milestone in my writing soon.  I'll definitely be posting about that when it happens. 

I'm on Chapter 4 of Vasilije's book (got over two chapters written this weekend), so that WIP is rolling along.  I do need a title for it, however. Masquerade is almost ready...typing is such a drag!  And once Masquerade is sent off to be edited, it's time to begin edits on Destiny Redeemed, Amon's story.

Destiny Redeemed has been complete since late March, but because of my choice to go indie instead of continue with an epub, it's had to patiently wait while the novellas took center stage.  Come October, however, Destiny Redeemed gets to show itself to the world.  As it's Amon's book, he's obviously a repeat character from the first book.  However, there are others who make a second appearance, such as Gethen, Markku, and even Aunt Jean.  And readers get to learn more about the Council in this book too. 

As I told someone the other day, I gave Amon a female who can handle him.  Thea is as ancient as Amon (in her 45th lifetime), but with a very big difference: she's an Aeveren healer.  But they share a major thing in common: they were both born with their powers, so they feel a kindred spirit between one another.

And the bad guy in this is one bad son of a bitch.  I don't know if I've written a nastier bad guy.  The murderer in Stolen Destiny isn't nasty so much as crazy.  Kiril from Destiny Redeemed, on the other hand, is a real bastard.

I hope to have the cover sometime very soon, so when I get it, I'll be putting it up all over the place.  Let's just say that the image of the male for Amon is smokin hot.  :)  (fans herself)

Ok, back to Monday.  I'm over at Shannon Leigh's blog talking Love's Master there, so check it out.  That story is a nice little light BDSM romp, so if you have $.99 and like a little blindfold and spanking action, snap it up. It's not hardcore, but it's sexy. :D