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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Author Karenna Colcroft Guest Post

Three’s a…?

Well, for some people, three is perfect. There’s an always-active debate about whether introducing a third person into a committed relationship can really work. Some people contend that humans are wired to be monogamous, and should be. According to them, it isn’t possible to love more than one person at a time. Others contend that humans are wired to love whomever they love, even if that is more than one person.

I belong to a dating site where some people “swing” or have open relationships. I’ve seen people’s marriages fall apart because of those arrangements, but I’ve also seen some very strong, long-lasting marriages that work well, maybe even better, because there are more than two people involved.

Personally, I doubt I’d ever be able to manage a ménage relationship or an open marriage. I am kind of wired for monogamy. So is my husband, though he claims he wouldn’t mind if I brought another woman into the bedroom. (Unfortunately for him, that just isn’t my thing.) But a couple years ago, I found myself in a situation in which, while I definitely was in love with my husband (then just my boyfriend), I also loved another man, someone who had been in my life before I met hubby. That situation resulted in the other man and me staying just friends, and me staying with hubby. But it gave me a “what if” that turned into a novel.

In that novel, Shiny Objects, which releases today from Passion in Print Press, Elena thinks she’s cut out for monogamy with her boyfriend Corin, until her former lover Niko re-enters her life. She and Niko have some pretty strong, unresolved feelings for one another, and that causes problems. When Corin tells her that it’s okay for her to explore those feelings, Elena is stunned.

Some ménage stories have everything running smoothly. The three partners all get along, and the relationship goes just fine. That isn’t the case in Shiny Objects. Since the men in the story are based on hubby and my friend, I knew the characters well enough to know that it wouldn’t be easy for them to share. And Elena wouldn’t be exactly thrilled with herself for wanting two men. So there are definitely some bumps in the road for the three of them. But they do get a happily ever after, or at least a happy for now, ending.

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KarennaC said...

Thanks for hosting me, Gabrielle! I'll be around off and on today to answer comments and questions.

KarennaC said...

By the way, readers... I apologize; I had the release date wrong for Shiny Objects. It will release this Saturday, August 20.