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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ROW 80 Check In 5-25

I'm loving life this week and a great deal of the credit goes to how many words I've written.  Over 5000 words alone on Saturday.  It blows the doors off my 3500 a week goal, and I couldn't be more thrilled.  I'm enjoying writing my new novella, which I've decided is called Masquerade, and I'm gearing up for edits on the previous novella, Love's Master.  Already I'm thinking, "What will I do after Masquerade?"  Of course, there is the editing stage for Destiny Redeemed, which I plan to release in September.  And there's the third book in the Destined Ones Series, Destiny Unbound, which I plan to finish and release either by the end of this year or the beginning (January) of next year.  But....

I've been feeling a novella vibe recently, and I like the size right now.  Perhaps another novella? Who knows?  What I do know is that I've never been happier doing what I'm doing.  That means a lot to me.

On another entirely enjoyable front, the artist who designs my covers, Elaina Lee, emailed me the proof for Love's Master, and it's HOT.  She's so incredibly talented, but in addition, she makes the cover art process so wonderful.  With just a little information (and one of the hottest couples I've ever seen in a picture), she worked her magic and made my day yesterday.  I can't wait to put the final up on the blog to show it off. 

I also spent hours yesterday on the PDF for the blog tour with Bewitching Book Tours for the first novella, Vampire Dreams.  Why hours, you ask? Because I type too fast.  I had two editors do their fine tooth comb business on it last week, and they did the "How can she be in this place at this time and then this place at the same time?" work. Then I did a final sweep through.  The problem is that I type so fast that I make little mistakes, such as every for ever (that's a favorite).  Since I hate typing more than most, I try to get it done quickly.  Yes, I know this is a mistake, but each time I do it, I convince myself that this time I'll do it better.  My critique partner can always tell when it was the end of a typing session since that section of the story will have far more typos than others.  :) 

I finally finished the PDF this morning and sent it off, still worried there was a mistake I missed in there.  For me, perfection in this area is a must. 

It's a beautiful day here in PA, and I think I'll reward myself for a job well done with a day outside.  I hope you have a great day too.  To see more of what other ROW 80 people are up to, click HERE


Nadja Notariani said...

I'm where you are right now....the novella project is quite satisfying. Another is certainly in my future.
Your new cover is fabulous. I'm going to need that artists info! I can't wait to have the cover for Claiming The Prize designed and in my hands.
I can't imagine the number of typing errors that will have to be corrected - by me - in the near future.....Oy! ~ Nadja

Gabrielle said...

We hate the typing! I swear the first thing I'd do if I won the Powerball tonight would be to find a typist. No kidding! Before buying another house, taking a ridiculously long vacation, or anything else, I'd find a typist. Money well spent. :D

Kate said...

While I can't agree with your loathing of typing, since that is the way I write, I can envy your word count for the week.
I can't remember the last time I had enough time to get 5000 words done in a day. Last August, maybe? Most of the time I'm happy with around a thousand, but the other day I actually got 2600 in a day. It was like winning the lottery. :)

Good luck on your new novella!

Gabrielle said...

Thanks Kate! 2600 is a pretty good haul too. :)